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Hacked & Burned

This week in tech: Revisiting Geocities, 11-year-old hackers, DNA origami and ratbots!

TUMBLR OF THE WEEK: One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age Photo Op

A trinity of meta tumblrs this week (because one is never enough!). PIck of the litter is the above which features screenshots of geocities sites. Agreeably self reflexive tumblrs People Struggling To Describe Sound and Someone Should Start A Tumblr are also worth a gander.

GIF OF THE WEEK: Algo-trading

Old but gold, because if you haven't seen these mesmerising GIFs of high frequency algo-trading you need to.

SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY OF THE WEEK: Collective Motion of Moshers at Heavy Metal Concerts

“This phenomenon resembles the kinetics of gaseous particles, even though moshers are self-propelled agents”. Complexity theory applied to heavy metal mosh pits shows there is fundamental similarities to other collective behaviour like swarming and flocking.

ALGO ANXIETY OF THE WEEK: Rat Root Beats on Live Rats to Make Them Depressed

Seems like we're not content being the only species on the earth to suffer from automaton anxiety. Japanese researchers have built a roborat that bullies other rats into depression.

CYBERCRIME OF THE WEEK: The Kids are Alright / Coming up From Behind

Security software peddler's AVG tell us that children as young as 11 (OMG!) are writing malicious code to thieve currency from Runescape gamers. Tony Ascombe boringly cautions that we need to train these kids in the teachings of White Hat hacking philosophy. Just so long as kids are doing something more involved with digitality than reposting reddit GIFs to facebook I'm content.

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: Selfless Portraits

Draw a portrait of others in return for a hand drawn portrait of yourself. That's the simple conceit behind Selfless Portraits.

HARDWARE OF THE WEEK: Acoustic Tribology

Acoustic tribology means that we can now listen to what our tongues feel. This brings a level of unprecedented experimental rigour to the field of cheesecake texture testing.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Easton LaChapelle

17-year-old Easton's pet project aims to build a robotic arms as affordable as it is functional. And it's impressively functional. It bundles up retina control, flex sensors, EEG control and 3D printing to create a $250 prosthetic!


Social media artist Man Bartlett ignited a particularly charming hashtag in the form of #emojiarthistory. Read the instigatory repost here, and check out the imaginative contributions on the hashtag.


Scientists are building machines using DNA origami. Here is their latest creation, a DNA device that bores holes into living cells!

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