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Goodnight Lamp

Hacked & Burned

Our tech correspondent Stephen Fortune chats jailbroken phones, 17 million digit prime numbers and how to GIF your Vines!


Promising has fizzled out, seemingly indicative that the shelf life of single serving Tumblrs seems to be decreasing exponentially. It's probably a portent of the singularity. There's every chance that this week's Okc_ebooks could be equally short-lived, but enjoy the slime of Ok Cupid through their best lines at the internet's favourite Markov chain while it lasts.


Speaking of single serving Tumblrs theres definitely a niche waiting to filled in collecting all the novel fractal GIFs scattered around Tumblr. Until such a day enjoy this death star fractal GIF. Ps If Tumblr's search function irks you, well you're stuck with it as GIF search engine leaves much to be desired.


Justin Feinstein managed to scare a fearless person, and in the process turn neuroscience's understanding of which part of the brain processes on its head. He subjected volunteers with the amygdala-destroying Urbach–Wiethe disease to all manner of horrors; snakes, horror films, haunted houses. In the end gassing them with CO2 did the trick!

ALGO ANXIETY OF THE WEEK: Cleverbot gains a cowriters credit

Cleverbot pretty much rules the roost of the (admittedly incredibly dim) chat bot kingdom. There's been many a nervous chuckle gained from watching the gibberish that two chat bots spout when forced to coverse with one another, but this is a novel twist on the genre. Here Cleverbot gains its first cowriters credit, for the short film 'Do You Love Me'.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Curtis Cooper

Prime numbers are divisible by themselves and 1, though such a simple definition does these aspects of mathematical beauty an injustice. It's been four years since the largest prime number record was broken but this week amateur mathematician Curtis Cooper discovered a 17 MILLION digit prime number!

HARDWARE OF THE WEEK: Tiny hovering robots

Tiny hovering robots are the hot item of the week. The UK military just got a shipment of tiny (like miniscule) surveillance helicopters from Norway. And as if that isn't enough you can preorder your own nano quadrocopter from the Seeed Studio. Personal aerospace is going the way of digital privacy and fast.

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: Streisand moment for jailbroken phones

So one weekend has passed since the US made it a crime to unlock your phone. In the last few days jailbreak app store Cydia is slowed to a crawl under the presumed pressure of many liberated iPhones users.

TECHNONOMY OF THE WEEK: Goodnight Lamp's Kick-Smart Response

Technology. Innovation. Two words that are rarely parted. Here is the lay of the land this week. The Internet of Things died a little inside as the Goodnight Lamp failed to secure funding via disruptive funding platform Kickstarter. Meanwhile, one of the 5 stacks of the internet files a patent for maintaining artificial scarcity

PROTIP OF THE WEEK: Turn Your Vines into GIFs

Turn your vines into gifs, by putting gif at the front of your url (so that it reads

TWEE TECH MASH UP OF THE WEEK: 3D commemorative steam train model kits

An achingly British use of the technologies rapidly becoming available to the average consumer. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of steam engine rail, they have proposed a project that will laser scan steam locomotives and produce 3D printed commemorative model kits.