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Levitating Graphite

Hacked & Burned

This week's round-up in tech from Russian taxidermied fox memes to levitating graphite disks and the future of touch screen boardgames

TUMBLR OF THE WEEK: We Never Look Up is an interesting catalogue of stylish black & white photos chronicling our captivation by 'black mirrors'

GIF OF THE WEEK: Taxidermied Russian meme

Admittedly this meme will be old hat to all our Russian readers. RWW has charted the rise and rise of a horribly taxidermied fox to a meme superstar on the 'Russian internet'


A disk of graphite has been magnetically levitated using only a laser. A large enough graphite disk could potentially be used as a new type of light-driven human transportation system,

CYBERCRIME OF THE WEEK: Japanese police tormented by Riddler style hacker

For every bit of cybercrime posturing from anonymous and portents of cyberdoom issuing from national security offices, its a relief to see that a spirit of frivolity still persists among hackers. Case in point, the Tokyo police tormented by a Japanese hacker, who has had them chasing a computer viirus allegedly strapped to cat living on an island near Tokyo.


As you read this, there is an orgy of tech enthusiasm stoking the dark urges of consumerism playing out in Las Vegas. Forbes has done an excellent job covering the nadir of CES insanity (AKA the Qualcomm keynote) but there is of course lots of hardware to salivate over too (if that's your thing). Here's a selection of whats on offer;

Intels All-In-One (AIO) optimistically imagines replacing board games with expensive touch screen surfaces.

Razer unveils a terrifying handheld which looks a little like the Wii U's butch sibling, but which is the gaming equivalent of a software swiss-army knife on steroids, featuring laptop, console and steam box all in one.

Lego and Linux. Music to your ears, right? Lego's popular Mindstorm EV3 Robots can now intergrate with android, iPhone and autodesk!

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: Raspberry Pi Community

As a tonic for the gaudy parade of useless technological trinkets currently playing out in Las Vegas why not bookmark and marvel at what happens when a community of makers share how to build their bespoke contraptions. For instance, check out this low overheads way of capturing droplet photography.


There's a lot of buzz around how all our jobs are being automated out of existence. In celebration check out this robot doing his thing on the ISS.

ALGO ANXIETY OF THE WEEK Pre Crime: L.A. Cops Embrace Crime-Predicting Algorithm

LAPD’s enthusiastic embrace of pre-crime data mining software means that burglary incidents are down. Police taking patrol orders from software. What could go wrong?

WETWARE OF THE WEEK: Cellular Origami

Tissue culturing in 3D dimensions is a hard problem for biotechnologists. Although you wouldn't think it when you see the ease with which these Japanese scientists prod rat heart cells into unique 3D shapes.

TECHNONOMY OF THE WEEK: Griefing MMO addicts can turn a pretty penny

We've all heard the bogeyman stories of internet addiction in Japanese, Chinese and Korean households. Now it turns out that there are freelance ways to earn a living from this burgeoning market. Witness the story of a man, dissatisfied with his sons unemployment, who hired in game assassins (griefers, to you and me) to kick his sons internet addiction. He reasoned that “if he was killed every time he logged on he would start putting more effort into getting a job.'”

Oh and in the same breath a story about how a young Korean girls' pornography addiction was treated by, waitforit, horse riding!

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