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The Evolving month

Radical thought, modern shamanism and consciousness expansion in six hyperlinks, as our Reality Sandwich column kicks off online is a magazine about far-out culture and evolved consciousness edited by longtime Dazed columnist Daniel Pinchbeck. Under this Blog, he and his colleague Faye Sakellaridis round up their favourite nuggets for the modern shaman.

Dream researcher Ryan Hurd received "the weirdest phone call" from the editor of Gawker, who asked him about his email correspondence with Jared Loughner, the Tucson, Arizona shooter who killed six and wounded fourteen, including U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords in January 2011. Confused, Hurd looked back in his records, and found an innocuous exchange between him and Loughner 23 months before the incident regarding lucid dreaming. In this article, Hurd discusses lucid dreaming, if it has any correlation with mental illness, and why lucid dreams should be taken seriously. 

Psychedelics have long been demonized in mainstream society, distorted by media scare campaigns throughout the last century. In the last two decades, serious, scientific investigation of psychedelics has exploded all over the world. Evolver's recently released ebook, Psychedelic Drug Research by David Jay Brown, is a definitive summary of what we've learned about various substances such as LSD, psilocybin, DMT, MDMA, ibogaine, and ketamine, from this research. This article is an excerpt from the ebook, which is available for purchase on 

This Evolver Intensives Webinar, starting on the 13 December, will address questions that have become pertinent in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the Fukishima nuclear disaster, and many other castatrophes and extreme weather events happening around the world. Among the subjects to be covered: What must you do to be prepared for a major disaster, be it be it flood or fire, hurricane or economic meltdown, disease or nuclear accident? What are the best practices developed by disaster relief experts? What simple, practical steps can you take to protect your family, friends and business? How do you overcome feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of a potential disaster? 

Our weekly round-up of psychedelic news, compiled by contributing editor Nese Devenot, is a comprehensive listing of recent psychedelic news stories from all media spheres, ranging from the scientific to the less informed. In this round-up, news stories include: The NY Times describes efforts to treat PTSD with MDMA, the world's largest independent survey of drug use collects data online, and new Australian legislation allows drug scheduling to bypass parliament.  

This past October, we held the fifth annual Ayahuasca Monologues at Webster Hall, New York, in which an eclectic line-up of psychonauts spoke about their experiences with the psychotropic plant medicine. Our last speaker was actor Penn Badgley, who plays Jeff Buckley in the upcoming film, "Greetings from Tim Buckley," and Dan Humphrey on the CW's hit series "Gossip Girl." Despite his high profile status in mainstream media, Penn was happy to talk about his experiences with the lesser known substance. If a banner were to unfold behind him, he tells the audience, it would say: "Learning to Vomit, Learning to Love (The Strength it Takes to be Gentle)." Purging is a hallowed aspect of the ayahuasca experience; it's seen as mind, body, and soul cleansing. But if you're not convinced, you may feel differently after watching Penn's both comical and poignant tale of his quest to vomit. 

Scientist and author Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, is known for his work regarding morphogenesis, the formation of an organism's structure, and his research in parapsychology. His recently released book, Science Set Free: 10 Paths to New Discovery, addresses the ideas that have become dogmas in modern scientific thought, exposes their weaknesses, and offers intriguing solutions for a way forward. In this interview conducted by Gabriel D. Roberts, Sheldrake discusses morphic fields, the shamanic ability to bridge the gap between realms, and scientific presumptions that have been turned into dogmas. 

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