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HEROFONT by Alex Noble

Mixed media pieces inspired by Greek mythology mingle with antique furniture at this exhibition in an interiors shop.

A man of many talents, Alex Noble is a good friend of mine and a veritable machine of constant and versatile creativity.  Painter, illustrator, bespoke accessories designer, stylist and more he is forever creating new works for his various clients. Including making beautiful accessories and couture clothing for Dazed’s creative director Nicola Formichetti to use in his fashion stories.

But perhaps where we see Alex at his most expressive is when he is creating his unique form of imagery. Previously his works have focused around giantess, post apocalyptic, tribal, glamatron females. Our old 19th Century house is filled with six foot high paintings of androgynous heroines with an aura of domination and desire. Women who men both fear and yearn for and girls can only dream of being like.

So it is exciting now for fans of Alex’s work to see him branch out and focus on the male nude as his muse. Using a combination of classical study and contemporary practise, he applies heavy monochrome pencil work and collage, contrasted against bright colours, with stylised fonts working as triggers to explain or confuse the story being told.

Taking inspiration from varied sources (mythology and Greek tragedies to art nouveau and pop art) all these elements infuse together to produce an uncertain time and context. Alex creates work evoking romantic and iconic images with despondent undertones, brought to the fore with a rapacious sexuality.

HEROFONT runs for another two weeks at Guiden Interiors , 58 Southgate Road, London N1 3JF.
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