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East Asia's new wave: Day #4

We meet the Hong Kong-based four-piece band, The Yours, as part of our Nicola Formichetti-edited week-long series finding east Asian talents

Jack Leung – Vocals, Tim Ng – Guitar, Nicholas Wong – Guitar, Nelson Ko – Drums, Gwyneth Tang – Bass

The Yours are an Asian music-industry anomaly: their strong bond was forged through high-school friendships rather than the pop training camps of so many peers. Originally united as teenagers through their love of local C-pop, the Hong Kong fivesome were quickly frustrated by its lack of musical complexity, leading them to discover bands such as Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine. Though their musical tastes have changed, their obsession with music hasn’t, and this hardcore passion is reflected in their fuzzy, guitar-laden songs and magnetic stage presence.

Describe your personal style in three words.
Nic: Slack, uncompromising, simple.
Jack: Fickle, conscious, violent.
Tim: Ambivalent, ambiguous.
Nelson: Fuck balance.

Name three songs that you can't live without.
Nic: Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit. / 
Helen Shapiro - Walk On by. / 
Linda Perhacs - Hey, Who Really Cares
Jack: My Bloody Valentine - Sunny Sundae Smile. / Sebadoh – Spoiled. / Pasty Cline - Crazy
Tim: Kevin Shields – City Girl. / Slowdive – Slowdive. / Pavement – Filmore Jive
Nelson: Jeff Buckley and Elizabeth Fraser - All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun. / 
Bark Psychosis - From What Is Said To When It's Read
. / Shellac - Steady As She Goes

What is the most exciting part of East Asia's young creative arts scene?
Nic: There are a lot of young talents here who are really creative. And a lot of them grew up with an appreciation of Western art and pop culture, so it’s a mixture of the east and the west.

How do you think the perception of Asian pop culture has changed in the 
last 10 years?
Thanks to the Internet, the exposure Asia is getting is now more than ever. I think, in the past 10 years, the world has been in a process of trying to define what Asian pop culture really is.

What has been the biggest highlight of your career so far?
Nic: Supporting Jesus and Mary Chain at their gig in Hong Kong. It was an honour to meet them personally.
Jack: The best is yet to come.
Tim: We still have a long way to go.

How does the city influence your creativity?
Hong Kong is a place that has no boundaries and provides many opportunities for us to be exposed to different areas of art and material from overseas.  There is still a lot of room and there are still a lot of possibilities for artists to showcase their creativity.  There is a lot more to give.

Best hangout spot?
Jack: Mongkok, Hong Kong. Disk Union, Tokyo.
Tim: Disk Union, Tokyo
Nelson: Star Street and Noho, Hong Kong.

Favourite website?
Nic: YouTube
Jack: eBay
Tim: Google

Tell us something that no-one knows about you.
Jack: I’ve got a hidden talent: I can put the entire outer-shell of my ear inside my ear!
Tim: I have never had… I am not going to tell you.

What do your parents think of what you do?
Nic: So far, they have been very supportive, and I'm happy to know that.
Jack: They don’t really care.
Tim: They are like undercover agents, supporting secretly.
Nelson: I think my mother quietly loves what I'm doing. While dad…

What's your favourite GIF?

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