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10 Iconic Moments in Warp Films

Producer Mary Burke of the iconic record label & film institution hand-picks her top ten moments in celebration of their tenth anniversary this year

For their tenth anniversary, Warp Films commissioned artist Pete McKee to recreate some of the iconic film posters for films put out by the iconic production company. The painted images, which took a lot of originality considering the specific nature and peculiarity of some of the films, include Submarine, Four Lions and Le Donk & Scor-Zay-Zee. After 10 years, Warp Films are celebrating some of its best loved movies with a retrospective in Sheffield, throughout November at The Showroom Cinema, as well a WarpFilms10 event at MAGNA last week.

Dazed Digital asked Mary Burke, producer on several films such as Submarine, Donkey Punch, Bunny & The Bull and A Complete History of My Sexual Failures, to pick out her favourite ten moments in Warp's illustrious film history:

“...It was really difficult to pick my top ten moments as there’s ten years of so much to choose from… but basically the ones I picked were representative of the variety of films we make, from fard hitting drama, to the romantic and the just plain weird. [At Warp], we’re just following our tastes and trying to stay true to that. For the next ten years? I just want us to grow as a company  - so far we’ve focused on British audiences and just want to take that further.” - Mary Burke

1. This is England - Shaun (Thomas Turgoose) gets initiated into the skinhead gang: He is transformed from a scrappy ruffian into a suited and booted skinhead with the help of Lol and Woody.

2. Dead Man's Shoes - Richard (Paddy Considine) spikes the gang's pot noodle with acid. Their world comes undone.

3. Berberian Sound Studio - The Goblin (Michel van Schouwberg) performs demonic incantations from the sound booth.

4. Submarine - Oliver (Craig Roberts) uses prawn cocktails and rose petals to seduce his girlfriend - clip "with you're a serial killer"

5. Kill List - Jay (Neil Maskell) tests a Librarian's knee reflex response with a hammer.

6. Four Lions - A crow meets his untimely death. (Exploding crow clip).

7. Snowtown - Psychosis down under: triple rope choke in the bathtub with added toenail removal.

8. A Complete History of My Sexual Failures - Loser in love Chris Waitt, gets his balls whipped to smithereens by a friendly dominatrix.

9. Bunny and the Bull - Atilla (Julian Barratt) enjoys warm milk from his canine cow.

10. ATP Film - Grizzly Bear sing Deep Blue Sea on a beach in Camber Sands.

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