Dazed Digital's big refresh

The next stage of Dazed Digital is live!


As the result of six months of back-end work and a new team, the digital arm of youth magazine Dazed & Confused launches today, 19th November, with a shiny new interface.

On the tech side we've got a crafty new slider, helpful little widgets, vastly improved image galleries and a series of minisites to help you navigate through all our new formats. Speaking of which, we've taken the global reach of our sister site Satellite Voices and turned it into a new series by exciting editors reporting on youth culture from around the world. Whilst the biggest move is the overhaul of our entire Blogs section - previously a feed of daily updates, it will now be transformed into our columns channel: a roll of 20 monthly writers and opinion leaders on all of Dazed’s subjects, from new fashion to fringe science to direct action to high art. We'll be rolling out these changes over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, do tweet us with any ideas you think of and bugs you pick up. 

We're totally psyched about this next stage of our favourite magazine, and we hope you are too. 

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