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Yes Moments: Gabriele Beveridge

The Hong Kong-born, London-based artist on her life-changing affirmative actions

Born in Hong Kong, Gabriele Beveridge now lives and works in London. After completing her MA in Fine Art Media, from the Slade School of Fine Art, Gabriele has continued to build on her success with solo shows, even nominated and shortlisted for the Converse/Dazed Emerging Artist Award in 2011. Gabriele has since realised ambitions of exhibiting at the HOTEL gallery, a space she told Dazed last year was somewhere she hoped to one day have work on show. Her eclectic use of materials – including crystals – develops her fascination with the visual importance and presentation of objects. Beginning her career by working with photography, her interests have evolved into the realms of 3D installation, presenting still images in an ever more engaging and dynamic set-up.  Just like John Stezaker, another of Slade’s alumni, Gabriele obscures parts of her found photographs and magazine cuttings - playing on the interpretation and interplay between images - after her careful arrangement.

Using a variety of objects to at once attract and disorientate an audience, Gabriele creates what she describes as, “estrangement of the nostalgia”. This is further explored in her new solo exhibition, Newly Laundered Smile, currently on display at the Rod Barton Gallery, in London until December 8th. Inspired by Converse Boots' Yes campaign, we asked Gabriele what she sees as an important moment in her career so far.

Gabriele Beveridge: "The list of individuals or groups, who gave me an opportunity which began to open doors is endless - there are loads of people that have been a great help. Dazed and Confused and Francesca Gavin are two of them! After finishing my Masters, Supplement gallery offered me my first solo show. Rod Barton and Tobias Czudej also took an interest in my work and supported me and other young artists by exhibiting and promoting our work. More recently, OUTPOST gallery in Norwich offered me a solo show, which was a great opportunity to install in a larger space as I could work in more expansive ways. Often the small decisions turn out to be big ones. Some of the most difficult ones turn out to have been the best. Attending the Slade School of Art was definitely a crucial turning point for me; I was reluctant to do a Masters so soon but actually my work really developed in that two years. I'd mainly worked with just images but with the studio I started working a lot more 3D and sensitivity toward more diverse materials evolved. I've always wanted to drive across the Southern states of America and I said a big "Yes" to doing that with friends this summer just gone. I tried for a residency in Marfa, Texas last year and was lucky enough to be shortlisted, but maybe that is the most important "No" I've received recently - I just went anyway. That landscape crops up in a lot of the images that attract me and it seems, visually, to be some kind of spiritual home. Every 'yes' is valuable! Sometimes you have to ask for the 'yes' a few times. There was an episode recently where I persuaded an advertising company to say 'yes' to me removing a whole billboard in the middle of the night - the whole operation of getting the image was as impressive to me as the image itself."

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