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Paul Fryer at Holy Trinity Church Marylebone

An angel trapped in telephone wires.

At the Church of the Holy Trinity Marylebone, Paul Fryer replicates the heavens and earth to demonstrate man´s megalomaniacal folly. For `Let there be More Light,´ which runs during the Frieze fair a few steps from the main tent, the acclaimed English artist collaborated with engineer/physicist Colin Dancer to produce a meticulous representation of natural starlight, cosmic rays, electromagnetic forces and sound waves that Fryer brings into being with the flick of a switch. But Fryer doesn't stop at playing God with wires and electricity. He also displays the consequences of man´s hubris with a figure of a child-sized angel trapped in telegraph wires, recalling his 2007 ´Martyr´ installation, where he depicted the accidental death of a lineman from falling onto wires as modern-day image of Icarus. The crowds at Frieze may be searching for the next art star, but Fryer wants his creation to illuminate a higher set of concerns.

The exhibition continues at Dickinson, 58 Jermyn Street, London SW1  10am – 5pm until 31 October.