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Alternative Video for Bloc Party's Hunting for Witches

The Semifinalists' frontman has been busy producing artwork for Mystery Jets, Late of the Pier and Diplo's Mad Decent label.

I’ve never really been one to indulge in mind-bending illegal substances, but there’s something about Ferry Gouw’s artwork that makes me feel like I need to check my eye-balls into rehab and force my brain to go ‘cold turkey’. His work is 1 part goofy and 2 parts punk - with a big dollop of surreal seasoning thrown in for good measure. Food analogies aside, Ferry Gouw has been commissioned to produce artwork for everyone from Diplos Mad Decent label, to tour posters and tees for bands like Mystery Jets and Late of the Pier. Ferry’s bizarre and comically gruesome imagery often tip-toes in Salvidor Dali territory, but when asked if he sees any similarities between their work, Ferry confessed he was a fan, although he once visited the Salvidor Dali museum just outside Barcelona and "almost puked". The self-confessed comic-book nut is more into goofballs like Johnny Ryan and cites Chip Kidd as one of his ‘biggest graphic design heroes, at the moment’.  Being an artist takes up a lot of his time, but he also somehow manages to moonlight as the frontman for dreamy prog-pop two-piece The Semifinalists.

Dazed Digital: Do you find it hard to juggle your art and music?
Ferry Gouw: In terms of scheduling and time, yes. I’d like to be able to do both without having to worry about time - and still be able to read and listen to more music. But, everything else about it is good. Art, music and philosophy all kinda’ feed into each other.

DD: How would you describe your style of art?  What’s your favourite piece that you’ve ever done and why?
FG: I’m still finding my style. It’s great having people ask me to do different styles, because it pushes me out of my comfort zone. I just did a super-classical cross-hatched illustration for Late of The Pier. I’m pretty proud of that - mostly for the endurance. But nothing beats the pride of designing, shooting and making stuff for The Semifinalists.  It’s more personal, challenging, frustrating, and ultimately, rewarding.

DD: I heard you’re doing something with Bloc Party?  Can you give us some more info?
FG: I did a low low budget video for them. It was for the song Hunting for Witches, with Sylvia Farago (ex Dazed photographic director) playing an actual witch. I think they thought I was taking the piss. I should put it up one of these days. It’s really emotional. The witch created a creature that she loved, but its heart was spoiled and cursed, so the creature destroyed everything it touched.
(Dazed Digital tried to get Ferry to give this video up to no avail)

DD: What makes Ferry truly happy?  
FG: I like spending time with my girlfriend and cat - that’s the height of luxury these days. Working on music is pure and total spiritual indulgence. Reading and really getting into a book is awesome.  Or, reading The New Yorker, that’s really fun. Generally, a day off just bums me out. I think I’m happiest when I’m fully engaged in something.  I mean intellectually and emotionally - just totally drained. A day off just makes me think about why I’m not doing anything.

EDIT: Ferry finally made contact and put up his Bloc Party video which stars Sylvia Farago (ex Dazed photographic director) as a tormented witch.