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Hunting! in Toronto

William Notman, Richard Harrington, Terence Koh and more at the Stephen Bulger Gallery.

Antlers, stuffed animals and bear skins are presiding today over some hip urbanites' walls, so those looking to redecorate their lair will be interested in the art world big game captured in "Hunting!" Mounted in Toronto's Stephen Bulger Gallery are works by seven artists that explore our contemporary distance from humanity's hunter/ gather past. In pride of place are photographs from William Notman's "Mouse Hunting" series. Notman, who was the "Photographer to the Queen" under Victoria, created testaments to the glories of Canadian wild life that are as central to that country's native mythology as the Hudson River school is to the States. Resonating with a similar spirit are Richard Harrington's early forties' black and white photographs of Inuit families hunting seals and other quarry. And the quest for a different type of flesh is gorgeously glorified in Terence Koh's photos of a beautiful blond boy accessorizing his nakedness with antler shaped branches.
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