Issue 166

Elevation - Gareth Pugh and Nick Knight

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    Gareth Pugh/Nick Knight

    Ahead of his first ever show in Paris, Dazed brings the dark, complex young visionary Gareth Pugh together with one of the world’s most prestigious fashion photographers for a truly iconic shoot, with an exclusive interview.


    David Simon

    On the eve of the first ever UK publication of his book Homicide, creator of the valiant drama series The Wire invites Dazed into his world of Baltimore street life.


    Wizard Rock

    Prepare for a magical world full of geek chic indie-rockers inspired by Harry Potter.


    Ken Adams

    The iconic British set designer talks about creating movie worlds for Stanley Kubrick and 007.


    Jenna Jameson

    Dazed gets intimate with the legendary ‘Queen of Porn’ herself on the eve of her first ‘serious’ Hollywood role, Zombie Strippers...


    James Watkins and Jack O’Connell

    The young director of the forthcoming Brit horror Eden Lake goes head-to-head with the film’s protagonist about why people are so scared of ‘hoody culture’ in the UK.


    Fashion Interiors

    Dazed goes through-the-keyhole and visit the salons of the world's most illustrious fashion designers.


    New ‘horror art’

    Banks Violette, David Nooman and Gabriela Fridricksdottir are three prime examples of the current vogue for disquieting art that taps into our deepest fear.


    Charles Burns

    The legendary artist and illustrator talks us through his upcoming feature film, a collaboration with a number of other cutting-edge illustrators

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