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A Little Piece of Mind's Big Quilt

Rankin and many others take part in this homeless charity project.

2008 sees the first edition of A Little Piece of Mind, an annual creative initiative to support and help homeless charities. Thiis year, both UK charity Shelter and the Bowery Mission in the US are taking part.

People from the International Creative Industries and public will each be delivering A Little Piece of Mind by means of a square of fabric or other to add into our huge patchwork quilt. There will be an exhibition in February of the works in London and then in New York followed by an auction of the work to raise money for the two charities  to benefit the homeless.

Already signed up to contribute are Rankin, Daisy De Villeneuve, Bill Amberg, Lawrence Weiner, Howie B, Bloc Media, 6876, Village Green, Boudicca, Rough and Remy, James Goggin – Practise,  Glen Cummings – MTWTF (NY), Will Hudson, Israel Kandarian – Field of Grey (NY), Cathy Chan, Frauke Stegmann, Borja Goyarrola – Nick Bell Design, Damien Poulain,  Julian Morey – abc-xyz.

The initiative is looking for public contributions to make the quilt enormous and also each of the squares submitted will be unsigned, so people at the time of exhibition and auction will not know who has created each of the pieces.
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