Watch Baauer reach new heights post-viral phenomenon

MusicMusic Videos

The Philadelphia-born beatmaker follows up his 2012 internet hit with a psychedelic-infused debut and a documentary to match


Watch DANA kidnap the guy she can't stop thinking about

MusicMusic Videos

R&B artist DANA goes to extreme lengths to stop thinking about a guy in her latest music video

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 15.34.40

Watch KCPK’s disturbing depiction of gang life in Russia

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The French trio are back with their video for ‘Who Wants It’, directed by Nicolas Davenel

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 14.44.14

Watch Alice Neale’s cinematic visuals for Clare Barrow AW16

FashionFashion Film

The filmmaker presents a series of imagery featuring clothing from the collection in various backdrops of chaos and serenity, whilst Frank LeBon recites poetry by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

sasha lane’s


star is born

the secret history


of kids

Kiernan Shipka

Watch this exclusive fashion film featuring Kiernan Shipka

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Follow our spring issue cover star and Dazed 100 contender through LA dreamland during her cover story shoot by Ben Toms


Watch this video showing a night in the life of Kelela

MusicDoc X

Our cover star takes us clubbing in LA, rides a car through the city and sings sweet nothings into her iPhone

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How to embrace your inner city loneliness


Despite the setbacks of an oppressive metropolis, this filmmaker is encouraging artistry within the city he loves

Lil Vac

How life goes on after losing the one you love most

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Reeling from the loss of his childhood sweetheart to cancer, we follow rapper Lil Vac on a new and tentative life in the final episode of True Love

Elise Tyler

What happens to true love when you break up?

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During the filming of a new series based on love, young Nashville couple Dylan and Brianna called it quits – we followed the aftermath

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This film explores being queer and in love in the Bible Belt

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This new series follows Sarah and Bri, finding their way together while pitted against the conservative traditions of American society as young lesbians

tarantino confirms


all his films are connected

finn wolfhard


sci-fi ‘it-boy’

Mollie Mills Vogue, Detroit

How Voguing is saving young lives in Detroit

Arts+CultureFemale Firsts

This documentary unpicks the fierce subculture offering solace for queer people in one of America’s most dangerous cities

CAHN©201606 (1)

Watch Breakbot’s trippy ode to Japanese subculture in Mexico


The French producer returns with a stunning video following the drunken adventures of one style-obsessed Mexican teen