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#95 – Tati Cotliar

Projects Dazed 100

The cover girl-turned-stylist’s carefree attitude is even more enviable than her models.com profile

Natalie Westling Dazed 100

#64 – Natalie Westling

Projects Dazed 100

The flame-haired model and Dazed cover girl who epitomises a new, mould-breaking era of American youth

Kaitlyn Dever Dazed 100

#62 – Kaitlyn Dever

Projects Dazed 100

The actress with starring roles in every next-big-thing list shrugs off the pressure

Telfar Clemens

#57 – Telfar Clemens

Projects Dazed 100

Normcore's most hardcore designer boasts a visionary interpretation of style and homogeneity

tarantino confirms


all his films are connected

the history

banned ads

of banned fashion ads

Babak Radboy Dazed 100 Jason Nocito

#56 – Babak Radboy

Projects Dazed 100

The eclectic New York-based artist and creative director turns wit, aesthetics and controversy into success

Dazed 100 Lea Colombo

#53 – Lea Colombo

Projects Dazed 100

Shooting both Russian skater boys and Saint Laurent, the Paris-based photographer rebels against convention


#47 – Focus Creeps

Projects Dazed 100

The eclectic directorial team have brought their signature experimentalism to videos for King Krule and Cass McCombs

David White

#40 – David White

Projects Dazed 100

Superhuman speed meets avant-bland realism and hyperactive fantasy in fashion's set designer du jour

Joey King Dazed 100

#91 – Joey King

Projects Dazed 100

Shear appeal – the Wish I Was Here teen star redefining what dedication looks like

Antoine Olivier Pilon Dazed 100

#89 – Antoine Olivier Pilon

Projects Dazed 100

The 17-year-old French-Canadian actor sets the screen ablaze in Xavier Dolan's Cannes-winning Mommy

Isamaya Ffrench

Isamaya Ffrench widget

On the up

humorous look at


female sexuality

Pierre Debusschere Dazed 100

#87 – Pierre Debusschere

Projects Dazed 100

The boundless, glitchy visual genius of the Belgian photographer as seen in collabs with Dazed, Bey and Louis Vuitton

Cecile B Evans Dazed 100

#84 – Cécile B Evans

Projects Dazed 100

The future-facing digi-gal artist wants to take you on a fun tour of the internet to learn stuff