Brianna Capozzi Dazed 100

Brianna Capozzi

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Surrealism, nudity and a manicured dead squid – meet the photographer blurring the line between weird and wonderful

Clara Balzary Dazed 100

Clara Balzary

ProjectsDazed 100

The LA photographer started out aged 12 shooting her cat, and ended up working with Mario Sorrenti

Little Simz D100

Little Simz

ProjectsDazed 100

Simbi Ajikawo is Kendrick Lamar’s new favourite rapper – and one of Britain’s most talented lyricists in generations

Kelela Dazed 100


ProjectsDazed 100

The unfiltered emotion of Kelela’s future-R&B is hypnotising listeners – and inspiring devotion the world over

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How to avoid wasting time


when you’re blue



ProjectsDazed 100

Blending R&B, electro and Middle Eastern influences, this British Iranian artist is making waves with her cross-cultural sound

Martine Syms D100

Martine Syms

ProjectsDazed 100

The LA-based ‘conceptual entrepreneur’ exploring consumption, spectatorship and blackness through visual and textual means

Rejjie Snow D100

Rejjie Snow

ProjectsDazed 100

The Dublin rapper knocked Yeezus off the top of the charts two years ago – now he’s back with his skilful storytelling and razor-sharp flow

Zoe Bleu D100

Zoë Bleu

ProjectsDazed 100

The otherworldly muse, artist and actress that feels most comfortable among the avant-garde

Richard Malone Dazed 100

Richard Malone

ProjectsDazed 100

Meet the Irish designer channelling building sites and Argos uniforms to create ready-to-wear pieces for women on the go

Grace Wales Bonner Dazed 100

Grace Wales Bonner

ProjectsDazed 100

The British-Jamaican designer is revolutionising menswear with her elegant vision of black masculinity

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based on true stories

humorous look at


female sexuality

Rianne Van Rompaey Dazed 100

Rianne van Rompaey

ProjectsDazed 100

The Nicolas Ghesquière favourite and Dazed cover star that’s hit the runway for Prada and Miu Miu

Janina Pedan Dazed 100

Janina Pedan

ProjectsDazed 100

The set designer whose surrealist eye has seen her collaborate with Simone Rocha and Claire Barrow