Finn Wolfhard

Finn Wolfhard

ProjectsDazed 100

The mop-headed Stranger Things star won hearts battling Demogorgons, and is now working on music and directing alongside his acting roles

Dazed 100 Sasha Lane

Sasha Lane

ProjectsDazed 100

A fluke encounter on a beach in Florida lead Sasha Lane to a starring role in American Honey, and a new life in Hollywood

Dazed 100 Gucci Gang 2

Gucci Gang

ProjectsDazed 100

The Parisian cool-girl crew with an anything-goes approach to style – and a laissez-faire outlook on life

Eileen_bw copy

Eileen Kelly

ProjectsDazed 100

Tackling everything from gender politics to abortion, Eileen Kelly’s taboo-busting blog is a searing account of the ins and outs of sex in the digital age

go inside


an all female fight club

kirsten dunst



Arabelle Sicardi Dazed 100

Arabelle Sicardi

ProjectsDazed 100

A Taiwanese-American beauty writer with real grit, Arabelle Sicardi is interrogating the intersection between fashion and violence

Dazed 100 Amandla 3

Amandla Stenberg

ProjectsDazed 100

Vital, political, uncompromising: this teenage actor has broken the mould of the child star and refashioned it in her own image

Elise 5 Maria Pasenau copy

Elise By Olsen

ProjectsDazed 100

A prodigal magazine founder, teenager Elise By Olsen was once nominated for a Guinness World Record for youngest editor-in-chief.

Bria Vinaite by Samantha George 2

Bria Vinaite

ProjectsDazed 100

Instagram’s marijuana merch queen is snapping at Hollywood’s heels with a starring role opposite Willem Dafoe in The Florida Project

12 copy

Millie Bobby Brown

ProjectsDazed 100

The magnetic Stranger Things star is the youngest talent on our list – and the only one to have inspired an iconic Halloween costume

Fanpages Magazine (No credit needed)

Fanpages Magazine

ProjectsDazed 100

The women behind irreverent noughties zine Cheap Date have bounced back into the spotlight with the celeb-packed Fanpages

The dA–Zed guide


to British sub-culture



weird science

gal-dem high res


ProjectsDazed 100

A magazine and creative collective ran exclusively by women of colour, gal-dem have spent the past year and a half challenging the male pale stale media landscape

Dazed 100 Ashton

Ashton Sanders

ProjectsDazed 100

He broke our hearts as Moonlight’s meltingly soulful star – but Ashton Sanders’ Hollywood adventure has only just begun