Elle Fanning – Summer 2017

Elle Fanning + Kirsten Dunst on The Beguiled: pt 1


Fear and lusting in the deep south: the stars of Sofia Coppola’s revenge-fuelled epic on how the director’s films defined a generation, in the first of a two part conversation

gap campaign diversity casil mcarthur alek wek singing

Casil McArthur is breaking the male model mould


A star of the new Gap campaign, the 18-year-old wants to bring more trans-male representation to fashion – and beyond

Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto on marriage, music and making a fresh start


As lead singer of the Gossip, the inimitable Arkansas singer redefined what a frontwoman could be – but her debut solo album is a more personal return to her Southern roots

Gabber Agonistes – Spring/Summer 2017

Industrial Revolution: the second coming of gabber


‘It stays with you your whole life, it’s like a punch in the face’ – Alberto ‘Gabber Eleganza’ Guerrini and Ewen Spencer on how gabber ignited a new era of ravers

shayne oliver + arca


feeling themselves

The future of


female-led porn


Kyle MacLachlan on Twin Peaks, 25 years on


‘He calls me Dale’ – reviving his role as the voguish lead of surrealist soap opera epic Twin Peaks, Kyle MacLachlan reflects on his magnetic bond with David Lynch

Jorja Smith - Dazed Spring/Summer 17

Jorja on deleting Instagram and wanting to write for Rihanna


‘I’d like young girls to take positivity from my music’ — the soul-pop prodigy and Drake cosign reveals her inner boldness and blockbuster sound

Richard Russell LR

Richard Russell: no rules, no restrictions, no regrets


The producer and music industry mogul built an empire with his label XL Recordings, but his new project Everything Is Recorded is a more personal celebration of artistic expression


Slowdive on rebirth, raw power and their amazing new record


‘We're back to reclaim what was ours’: in an in-depth interview, outsider-indie radicals Slowdive talk about their stargazing reunion

Cosey Fanni Tutti - spring/summer 2017

Cosey Fanni Tutti on porn, provocation and radical art


‘I’ve been a rude little girl, haven’t I?’ - revealing exclusive images from her new autobiography, Cosey Fanni Tutti reflects on a lifetime of unflinching art and sound


Why we can’t stop watching Isabelle Huppert


After her most incendiary role to date in Elle, Isabelle Huppert talks poise, provocation and vividly remaking on-screen femininity in her image

sasha lane’s


star is born

Zines, posters and gay porn


the skinhead archives

Hayett McCarthy - Spring/Summer 2017

Hayett McCarthy on her circular logic


The Lyon-born model has just finished her first full fashion-week circuit – here, she tells us why she’s determined not to become “a phoney”


Lisa and Lena are the lip-syncing twins invading your feed


With 16 million followers on Musical.ly, meet the hyperactive duo lighting up social media