Meredith Graves
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Meredith Graves on why men ruin everything

Perfect Pussy have set the world alight. Here, the New York crew's frontwoman tells us why hardcore punk is the sound for our times

Desiree Akhavan
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Desiree Akhavan: the next-gen of 20-something comedy

Already tagged as the ‘new Lena Dunham’, the Iranian-American director is smashing down diversity walls with her off-the-wall new comedy, Appropriate Behaviour

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Yo-landi Visser’s rise from hood rat to heroine

As she prepares to take on Hollywood in Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie, the Die Antwoord frontwoman talks about her unpredictable ascent to fame

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How Ninja became a zef master

Yo-landi’s partner-in-rhyme is the alternative to alternative rap. He explains how Die Antwoord learned to embrace the dark side

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Amalia Ulman on the Insta-scam of the century

After her ‘cosmetically enhanced’ selfies hoodwinked the internet, the conceptual artist behind the Insta-scam of the century speaks out

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Marilyn Manson: a nose for trouble

The Pale Emperor on porn, drugs, bullies, guns, suicide and what it feels like to have worms crawling out of your head

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John Waters: the ultimate joyrider

The anti-arthouse maverick has spent a career elevating bad taste to high art. At his insane Baltimore home, the Pope Of Trash lets loose on hitchhiking, mugshots and adult babies

Laura Dern: the wild one
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Laura Dern: the wild one

As she receives her second Oscar nomination, the acting legend is hitting another purple patch. The Lynchian muse reflects on a career of creativity and rebellion

Inherent Vice
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Paul Thomas Anderson on his revolutionary stoner comedy

Counterculture’s biggest auteur has made a career of filming the unfilmable. Now he’s taking on Pynchon and babysitting Joaquin Phoenix

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Arca: Xen master

The Venezuelan producer, Björk collaborator and Dazed 100 star has no plans to stop, ever

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the dazed sex survey


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Charli new
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Charli XCX tells us ‘suck my left one’

Whether she's penning her own mega-hits or collaborating with the A-list, the "Fancy" star is the sound of pop's future

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Elliot James Langridge: off the scales

The young Brit ditched Hollyoaks and shed a size or two for his big-screen debut, only to face an agonising two-year limbo period. The star of Northern Soul tells us why good things come to those who weight