Mabel on pop parentage, poise and perfectionism


Meet the fierce 20-year-old R&B artist flipping the music-world male gaze without missing a beat, and watch her new video made in collaboration with Tate Modern


Zayn Malik on blazing his own path


After burning up the pop stratosphere with his debut album, Zayn Malik has found a freedom that feels like the first time – he talks being the world’s most obsessed-over 23-year-old

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys on her musical emancipation


As the impossibly zen singer gears up to release her sixth album, we talk family, topless shoots, when she shocked Prince and how this is her most defining era

Eileen Kelly

The sex-ed blog aiming to redefine ‘the talk’ for teens


Meet the 20-year-old sex blogger, Eileen Kelly (aka @killerandasweetthang) who’s introducing for the youth, by the youth sex education

the secret history


of kids

The dA–Zed guide


to British sub-culture

The Neon Demon — Abbey Lee

Abbey Lee is out for Hollywood’s blood


After her Mad Max breakout, the former model is confronting her past head-on in The Neon Demon – she tells us how she anchored Nicolas Winding Refn’s ferocious fashion horror

Press Shot

Meet the 19-year-old getting props from MF Doom


Stream Bishop Nehru’s new mixtape “Magic 19” and read an interview with the emerging rapper who made his first beat when he was 12

Let's Eat Grandma 1

Meet the teenage witch duo making beguiling pop


Let’s Eat Grandma make exuberant psych pop with a sinister undertone. Get to know the duo and watch their new video here

LR Misandrist Bruce La Bruce 2016

Bruce LaBruce on his new lesbian terrorist porno


The cult gay filmmaker talks breaking sexual taboos, the changing face of feminism and why he doesn’t call himself a radical


Meet the Danish four-piece making bright, unorthodox R&B


With their pristine pop melodies, lithe grooves and subversive lyrics, Liss are one of the most exciting new bands around


‘Fetish rapper’ Tommy Genesis on submission and sexuality


With her own brand of ‘fetish rap’ and art hoe swag, Tommy Genesis embraces sexual self-reliance as artistic creed – she tells us why she’ll never be less than Awful

The most shocking films


based on true stories

The cyber feminist


leaking her own nudes


Anohni on speaking her truth and dancing with rage


Music’s transcendent truth-teller talks subcultural beginnings, the “loathing and idiocy” faced by trans artists and the anger that fuelled the most exhilarating record of her career

LR Jena Malone_1

How Jena Malone found her freedom


Between epic road trips and outsider roles, Jena Malone is this generation’s answer to Dennis Hopper – she reveals how she defied the norm to carve her own path in Hollywood