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Charli XCX tells us ‘suck my left one’

Whether she's penning her own mega-hits or collaborating with the A-list, the "Fancy" star is the sound of pop's future

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Elliot James Langridge: off the scales

The young Brit ditched Hollyoaks and shed a size or two for his big-screen debut, only to face an agonising two-year limbo period. The star of Northern Soul tells us why good things come to those who weight

Rooney Mara
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How Rooney Mara got plucked from obscurity

Her nonchalance and dark personality caught the eye of director David Fincher, but how deep did she have to go to play the indefinable Lisbeth Salander? Perhaps it wasn't so much of a stretch…

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Kendall: changing the face of fashion

In the blink of a flashbulb, Kendall Jenner has gone from teen reality star to catwalk phenomenon – we dodge the paparazzi to get the inside story on her astonishing transformation

Inside Iceland's


pagan revival

a new wave of


digi-feminist art

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My (totally silent) interview with Shia LaBeouf

How one Dazed journalist became Shia LaBeouf's pen-pal – and stared deep into the eyes of the metamodernist movie star

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Die Antwoord: still freeky

Take a trip to the zef side of Cape Town to meet the interweb phenomenon whose countercultural energy is still capturing our attention

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Rick Castro: beyond the fetish frontier

The seminal S&M photographer on shooting his 93-year-old father for Rick Owens, discovering Tony Ward and his PG Tips obsession

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SBTRKT: the mask slips

Aaron Jerome on his obsession with fictional creatures, his revealing new album and why he went out to sea after the success of his debut

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iamamiwhoami: force of nature

The mysterious collective are 
a pop cult like 
no other. In her home city of Stockholm, frontwoman Jonna Lee explains how 
she made her musical myths a reality

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Nicki Minaj: her Minajesty

Eccentric rhymes, raw sexuality and bossy swagger have made Nicki Minaj the definitive hip hop fantasy figure of our generation. As the musical chameleon prepares to unleash The PinkPrint, we take a trip into her surreal world

the dazed sex survey


the results are in

coming of age


in russia

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Thom Yorke: You do it to yourself

Radiohead's Thom has always been the subject of black and white, one dimensional media profiles. In this self interview he faces his multi-dimensional other selves and for the first time, we get a close-up snapshot of the real Thom Yorke.

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Daniel Radcliffe: constantly bewildered

After shedding the child star stamp and confronting his demons, Radcliffe is ready for a come-up. Here we revisit one of his first post-Potter interviews