Chloe Sheppard’s Lover, Loser, Loner

The photographer shooting her ideal world


Filled with neon lights, pastel colours and flower beds, the 20-year-old photographer channels her insecurities through a camera lens to create a place she’d rather be

Flush art

The tension of how women look V how women are expected to


For many, the idea that women fuck, cum, defecate and masturbate is hard to swallow – the Flush art project explores that

The London Vagabond

Photos of the urban wanderers that society sometimes misses


Inspired by his own time behind bars, The London Vagabond’s analogue portraits offer a momentary glimpse into the lives of the city’s ignored and overlooked

Vicky Grout, Novelist & Stomzy at Ace Hotel

Why Vicky Grout is London’s go-to grime photographer


Speaking to us about photographing Drake and being on set with Skepta, here’s how she found herself documenting the forefront of one of the UK’s biggest subcultures

why plus size fashion


is getting it wrong

Zines, posters and gay porn


the skinhead archives

Tyler Mitchell, Dazed Digital shoot

These photos construct a playful utopia for young black men


In a Dazed original photo shoot, Tyler Mitchell creates a dream-like, colourful world where black men experience the same freedoms as white men

Daniel King’s Kazakhstan

The faces of Kazakhstan’s isolated modelling industry


Although the ninth largest country in the world, Kazakhstan’s modelling industry is tiny. Daniel King photographs the eager faces who remain optimistic about international success

Dave Swindells 3

Four photographers capture three decades of UK club culture


A new London show celebrates the work of four photographers who immortalised the zeitgeist of British musical subcultures, from the 80s to the present day

Stef Mitchell Girl Red Hook Labs exhibition 2016 photography

These photos explore different meanings of the word ‘girl’


Stef Mitchell is often mistaken for a boy – in her new exhibition, she unpacks her own idea of what ‘girl’ means

ENCOUNTERS by Eliska Kyselkova

Human paintings come to life in this photo series


Using the skin as canvas, artist Eliška Kyselková channels London designers and artists in an epic photo series that sees paintings come to life through movement

Amanda Fordyce, Cuba

Colourful photos capturing Cuba’s young community


Photographer Amanda Fordyce forgoes Havana’s changing political climate to prove that the nuances of youth are universal – and often involve football, dancing and dating

The dA–Zed guide


to British sub-culture

Shia LaBeouf


the #interview

Bob Carlos Clarke, Shooting Sex, self published, 2002

Five erotic photo books to get you in the mood


Lucy Moore of cult fashion and photography book shop Claire de Rouen selects five very rousing reads

Made You Look Kristin-Lee Moolman

How the Dandy redefined black masculinity


From South Africa to Senegal, London and Jamaica, a new photography show explores how Dandyism has deconstructed gender tropes surrounding the black male