Nakeya Brown's "Hair Stories Untold"

Using photography to refute white-washed beauty standards

Photography Lightbox

Exploring race, identity and self-grooming by documenting the rituals black women undergo to follow society’s misguided visions of ‘beauty’

Black Trans Liberation Tuesday

Rallying for the black trans women killed in America

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The #BlackTransLiberationTuesday movement hit five U.S cities to rally for black transgender women in the wake of alarming deaths – this is our photo report from Chicago

Arvida Byström, Rupi Kaur and Alexandra Marzella

How these Insta artists are changing our views on body image

Photography Longread

In their honest, no-frills approach to the body, artists like Arvida Byström and Molly Soda are changing perceptions on femininity, normality and self-acceptance

Café Art's 2016 calendar submissions

See life through the gaze of a homeless Londoner

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100 disposable cameras were handed out to homeless people in the capital – now they’re telling their stories through the medium of photography

young thug

young thug


The most shocking films


based on true stories

Rona Yefman’s Let It Bleed, Dazed April 2013

The growing pains of a boy who dreamed of being a girl

Photography Last Shot

This Israeli photographer shares an intimate 14-year documentation of her brother’s transition into a woman, and back to being a biological male

Dazed 1997 issue, Martina Hoogland Ivanow, Alister Mackie

Game-changing female fashion photographers

Photography Top Ten

The visionaries who shook the system, refreshed the fashion gaze and redefined the camera’s relationship with clothing

@pemberton Instagram

This Instagrammer shares pictures of life in North Korea

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An American lensman has been documenting the dictatorship in this fascinating insight into the mysterious country and its everyday life

Todd Hido. Courtesy of Galerie Alex Daniëls and Todd Hido

These images sum up suburban loneliness

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Photographer Todd Hido’s cinematically-steeped shots explore the isolation of the city’s outskirts

Jodie Elliott’s “In Bloom” p7

Honest portraits of masculinity in Manchester

Photography Rise

Female photographer Jodie Elliott shoots her male counterparts in an exploration of intimacy and adolescence in northern England

Irina Yulieva’s Broken Knees

What’s it like to grow up in Russia today?

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Coming-of-age at the intersection of adolescence and the collapse of the Soviet Union, this photographer uses her camera to reengage with her youth

The future of


female-led porn

amandla stenberg


the new agenda

Instagram via @lexiealley

These insta nomads will get your feet itching

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Forget tourist brochures, airport add ons and bad AirBnBs: hitch a ride on these globetrotting photogs from the safety of your own fingertips

Whoopi Goldberg

Annie Leibovitz is shooting new photos of modern women

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To update her ‘Women’ project and break down traditional gender roles, the photographer is taking shots of strong, 21st century female figures