Nan Goldin Ballad of Sexual Dependency
Photography Top Ten

Are these the most controversial photography books ever?

Madonna and Meisel, Nan Goldin and Nobuyoshi Araki: here are some of the greatest and most shocking images to go to print

Tine Bek
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Does this photographer’s work seduce you?

Tine Bek asks you to play spot the erotica as she pairs sensitive with seductive in her photo series

Snaps Fanzine
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Exploring masculinity through the lens

This magazine is bringing Brazil’s queer conversation to the forefront as it breaks down the machismo behind masculinity

Both Sides of Sunset, Michael Butler
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This book reflects on LA’s good, bad and ugly

The city that’s seen it all – from the underbelly of Skid Row to the glittering streets of Melrose, and everything in between

The dA–Zed guide


to British sub-culture

Shia LaBeouf


the #interview

Adama Jalloh’s Stop and Search
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These photos highlight racial prejudice in ‘stop and search’

A London photographer humanises the statistic that black people are 28 times more likely to be targeted by police than white people

Maya Fuhr
Photography Blogs

Deconstructing the ‘high school girl’ image

A new generation of photographers are readdressing one of the most globally recognised visuals by swapping out perfection for an ideal that’s closer to reality

Life Is One Live It Well, Henrik Malström, Kominek Books
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A window into Hamburg’s most depressing pubs

These photos are a voyeuristic look into the most fascinating, yet forgotten, bars wedged amongst the German city’s red light district

Ewen Spencer’s UKG, Brandy & Coke
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Documenting the golden days of UK garage

Ewen Spencer’s photo series captures a then-burgeoning London music scene in the backstreets of Vauxhall

Robi Rodriguez The Birds 9
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These photos prove that love doesn’t care for age

Dazed photographer Robi Rodriguez’s intimate series documents an elderly couple’s romance, showing love is timeless

Ren Hang, PYLOT magazine
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This new mag says no to airbrushing

The London-based title giving Photoshop the shove – from advertisements to their own shoots – and championing a new era of all-analogue photography







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Peaches bares all in this explosive new photo book

We spoke with one of the world’s most out-there artist extraordinaires to find out the stories behind some of her more personal moments

Lialia Gimadeeva’s Dorm series
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These photos provide a glimpse into student life in Russia

Capturing moments of love and life on the verge of adulthood, photographer Lialia Gimadeeva takes us into the rooms of a Tatarstan university