Made You Look Kristin-Lee Moolman

How the Dandy redefined black masculinity


From South Africa to Senegal, London and Jamaica, a new photography show explores how Dandyism has deconstructed gender tropes surrounding the black male

Owen Harvey ‘People Gonna Talk’

Photographing Britain’s 21st century Mods


For the past five years, Owen Harvey has been documenting the characters and clothes of the ever-evolving, yet never-wavering, subculture

Galerie Magnin A Malick Sidibé MS.24.1.1 (taille

The Mali band that changed the face of world music


These photographs tell the story of the African and Latin musicians that blended together Malian sounds with Cuban rhythm during the time of decolonisation and Fidel Castro

Pride London 2016

A celebration of love at Pride London


Following the unfolding of the Orlando tragedy and ongoing political turmoil, these images of the annual LGBT+ celebration present a refreshing, much-needed dynamism

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in 2016?

Isamaya Ffrench

Isamaya Ffrench widget

On the up

2026 @ Somerset House 1

How London is fuelling an African youthquake


Photographer and stylist duo Kristin-Lee Moolman and IB Kamara capture the young Africans using the internet to channel London’s club and fashion scenes in their own ways

Photo by Gin Satoh (4)

Looking back at Japan’s forgotten punk past


Hidden behind the gleaming steel, glass and concrete Technopolis Tokyo we know today, Gin Satoh captured the freaks in the dark at the heart of Japan’s hidden punk history

Ian Kenneth Bird ‘Don't know what I want but I want it now’

The stories and faces of London’s skate scene


London skater/photographer Ian Kenneth Bird has profiled the local faces of the capital’s skate community for over two years

Gabriella Sturchio

The photographers capturing unseen environments


From snapping public transport scenes to tracing the steps of an Indian mythical prince, we showcase ten of the most eye-catching photographers from the past month

Photo via @meatwreck

Gross out in the warped world of photography duo Meatwreck


Whether gluing feathers to car tyres or tattooing a raw chicken, this photography duo makes ironic imagery out of the unexpected. We get inside their minds here

Raphael Albert

Photos of London’s black beauty pageants in the 60s


Photographer Raphael Albert captured music and community events that eschewed exclusionary beauty standards and rejected the white-washed media of the time

The most shocking films


based on true stories

the secret history


of kids

Jouko Lehtola Finnish Youth Yard Press

These photos celebrate the freedom of youth living in the EU


As the UK faces an uncertain future, we revisit some of our favourite photo stories that celebrate the beauty and diversity of our EU fam

What Soho Wore

Style snapshots of London’s Soho streets


Curator and photographer Nina Manandhar is archiving personal photos in an attempt to trace the style that has made Soho so special – and she’s asking for submissions