David Hlynsky – Window-shopping through the iron curtain
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Shopping and the Soviet Union

A cross section of Communist and consumerism – browse the shop windows that sold everything from breast pumps in Budapest to selfies in Yugoslavia

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Egypt seizes graffiti book for ‘inciting revolution’

Border forces have seized 400 copies of a photography book that features protest street art

Nina Manandhar – Dakar Style
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Styling in the streets of Dakar

From faux Prada bags to expensive Nike trainers – Nina Manandhar travels to Senegal’s capital to document a burgeoning interest in street style

Benjamin Huseby – Weeds & Aliens
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Take a walk on the wild side with Benjamin Huseby

The Dazed contributor and photographer puts together a field guide on his personal obsession with foraging and fungi

a new wave of


digi-feminist art

swarovski generation


15 years of rule breakers

Okinawan Portraits 2010-2012
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Street peeping in Okinawa

The Japanese photographer capturing the colourful street scene as a means for therapy, existentialism and honesty

Linnea Sjoberg Salong Flyttkartong
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The Swedish artist turning DIY tattoos into art

Linnéa Sjöberg has immortalised her travelling tattoo/art performance parlour into a new zine

Magdalena Wosinska – The Experience vol 1
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Going global in the nude

From standing starkers in an empty plane cabin to hanging off a balcony in just her knickers – this photographer presents the ultimate ode to the selfie

Ruvan Wijesooria NY Subway Project 2015
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One for the cynics

Plastering kissing couples and cute ephemera throughout a city Subway tunnel with this New York photographer

Matt Lambert Keim
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Matt Lambert’s modern lovers

The Dazed contributor celebrates V-Day with a special look inside his first book of 21st century intimacy

Richard Kern Cabinet from his series Medicated
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Richard Kern medicates for his latest London show

The photographer-filmmaker dabbles with prescription pills and takes us inside the white picket fences of America’s suburban drug addiction

Marilyn Manson


a nose for trouble

Swarovski generation


15 years of rule breakers

Raphael Albert, Untitled, circa 1960s, staying power
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New Black British photography exhibition has ‘Staying Power’

From 90s street-style to beauty pageants, check out these exclusive snaps from the V&A's celebration of black Britain

Soundgarden, Charles Peterson
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Standing at the forefront of grunge

Seattle-native photographer Charles Peterson captured Cobain, Love and the madness that defined the genre’s heady heyday