Stephanie Wilson Emoji

Has censorship gone too far?

Photography Feature

Parodying our use of emojis on social media platforms, these photos enlist real kittens, hearts and snails to hide genitals, bums and female nipples

Constance McDonald

Photographing the intricacies of being a teen girl

Photography Rise

Not all of us can spend our teen years looking like an IRL Sofia Coppola character – and these images prove that it’s A-OK

Musa Nxumalo "Alternative Kidz"

The photos celebrating urban youth culture in Johannesburg

Photography Lightbox

Producing work that celebrates the anarchy of growing up in South African’s biggest city, this photographer reminds us that our experiences as young people are often universal

Benjamin Fredrickson’s Salon

These nudes swap explicit for emotional intimacy

Photography Lightbox

Benjamin Fredrickson spent years documenting his experiences as a gay sex worker, but a new direction sees him making genuine connections via a series of Polaroids

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all his films are connected



weird science

Visvaldas Morkevicius’s Public Secrets

Sick of London’s club scene politics? Head to Lithuania

Photography Lightbox

From blowjob rooms to skate park parties – these photos give a taste of the country’s shamelessly wild nights

Instagram photographer @marta.marinotti

These globetrotting Instagrammers will give you major FOMO

Photography Lists

The #DZDNMD Diaries series presents a new generation of nomadic photographers travelling to the farthest corners of the world so you don’t have to

Celestial Bodies

How can we reconnect our bodies with nature?

Photography Lightbox

Taking cues from their natural surroundings, this photography trio are examining the female form and how we interconnect with the earth, moon, and stars

Anita Corbin Blitz Kids at The Blitz Club, December 1980

The story behind this unseen image of the Blitz Kids

Photography Last Shot

Anita Corbin captured two women primping in the toilets of London’s Blitz Club as David Bowie played to a room of New Romantics in the early 80s

Donald Weber

Why it took this photographer a year to look at this image

Photography Last Shot

After almost a decade spent in the Ukraine, Donald Weber tells us the story behind this photo of one of the country’s ballerinas

Nadia Bedzhanova’s Hotel Love

Is this what your late night texts with a lover look like?

Photography Lightbox

Fuelled by loneliness, longing and Google translate, this photographer documents a long distance love affair with a boy whom she doesn’t share a common language

humorous look at


female sexuality

These female photogs


take better selfies than you

Michele Bisaillon

This Instagram artist takes better selfies than you

Photography Lightbox

Armed with a canon of strategically placed mirrors, this photographer reminds us that nothing is ever quite what it seems

Photography Alasdair McLellan, taken from ‘Ceremony’

Sneak a peek inside Alasdair McLellan’s new book

Photography Lightbox

Launching this week, ‘Ceremony’ is the second book from the acclaimed photographer