Thalia Raftopoulou, desktop series, Dazed
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Whatever happened to the desktop background?

The art of a solid background has faded into Web 1.0 oblivion. Forget Windows’ raindrops – meet the artist revamping your desktop

HIGH by Carlos Santolalla
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Hot boys smoking weed

One half of model power couple Jarlos introduces a new zine celebrating the highest holiday of the year

A Day with Moleman, Andrew Ellis, Dazed
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A day with Hans Moleman

Everyone’s favourite Simpsons’ one-liner is let loose on the streets of Liverpool in a new exhibition honouring the show

God Listens to Slayer, Ditto Press, Sanna Charles, Dazed
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God Listens to Slayer

Capturing fandom at its heavy metal peak – from pre-show hangs to the brutal majesty of the Slayer gig

Shia LaBeouf


the #interview

Swarovski generation


15 years of rule breakers

Claude Cahun
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Claude Cahun: pioneering art radical

The French-born artist who used the lens – and her trusty mirror – to explore the many faces of gender in the early 1900s

Skate Girls of Kabul Jessica Fulford-Dobson
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Skateboarding in Kabul

The girls of Skateistan are back with a new project, courtesy of Brit photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson

Rory DCS Being Fun
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How to be fun

Fashion photographer Rory DCS in unleashing a new series of beautifully illustrated self-help books. Here’s your first lesson

Project Lives
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What’s it like to live in NY’s social housing?

Armed with a Kodak camera, residents take charge of their self-image in one of the largest participatory photography projects yet

Ari Marcopoulos
Photography Q+A

New York state of mind

Street photographer Ari Marcopoulos on his new direction, and why he hopes to change perceptions of his work

Ukraine Youth Daniel King
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What’s it like to be a teen in the Ukraine right now?

The photographer who befriended a group of youths in the midst of the Revolution – and captured their spirits for his new book


EwenSpencer Open Mic Print and Press 05 copy


a century of


teenage dreaming

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Britain! Join #dazedontour on Instagram

Tag your photos and join us as we take a picture of our great and sceptered isle

Elmer Batters, courtesy of Taschen
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Elmer Batters and the art of foot fetish

The pioneering photographer who brought the tabboo into the all-American living room