Ewen Spencer’s Kick Over the Statues, 2016

Ewen Spencer’s new photos trace our subcultural evolution


The photographer took to the streets this summer to capture the spirit of modern British style and subculture

Joanna Piotrowska

Joanna Piotrowska questions reality with new photo series


The photographer explores the ideas of refuge and reality by re-appropriating the child-like dens we all once built, and shooting them in various homes in Lisbon

SFW “Colby comes", Matt Lambert “Artists for Safe Sex”

Erect penises feature in new safe sex ads


Photographer Matt Lambert is joined by Ren Hang and 22 other photographers in a campaign that aims to increase condom use and stop the spread of HIV/Aids

Paolo Raeli

The only photos you need to see this month


Exploring the Human Puppy fetish community, asking ‘what is love?’, an unflinching look at Brooklyn’s drug addicts and gangsters, and the American road trip you wish you went on

tarantino confirms


all his films are connected

Zines, posters and gay porn


the skinhead archives

Photography Sven Marquardt

Berghain’s Sven Marquardt talks to us about his photography


While he is best-known as the man who decides your fate at Berlin’s infamous club, Marquardt’s true passion is black and white analogue photography

Hanna Moon

Thirteen photographers to get to know at Amsterdam’s Unseen


Dazed has curated a corner at the annual photography fair, featuring a handful of the talents that we’re tipping for big things

Boogie, It’s All Good

Unflinching photos of Brooklyn’s gangsters and addicts


Shot ten years ago, photographer Boogie is rereleasing his book It’s All Good as a stark reminder that nothing has changed in America’s most disadvantaged neighbourhoods

Dan Boulton's No Turning Back

Ten years at the beating heart of London’s skate scene


Photographer Dan Boulton has spent a decade documenting the faces of Southbank

What Soho Wore

Meeting the faces of Soho’s style subcultures


Nina Manandhar has been collecting and archiving photos that tell the multi-faceted story of London’s seediest – and most loved – corner

Zuza Krajewska's Imago

Life inside a young offenders institute in Poland


Photographer Zuza Krajewska captures the pendulum of adolescence and adulthood in a touching series about a group of troubled, young men in a Polish borstal

sky ferreira


enduring spirit

why plus size fashion


is getting it wrong

Eva Stenram: Offcut

Eva Stenram turns viewer into voyeur for new show


The artist takes inspiration from Dadaism and the Surrealist movement for a new exhibition that turns 2D pin-up girls into something tangible

Gerardo Nigenda

Intimate nudes taken by a blind photographer


Using a camera given to him by Mary Ellen Mark, Gerardo Nigenda forged a career shooting sensory, sensual black and white images