Madame Buraka’s Cold Romance

Tattooist and photographer Madame Buraka opens exhibition


The self-taught tattooist and photographer celebrates the cult following that surrounds her work

Signe Pierce’s Faux Realities

Immerse yourself in Signe Pierce’s neon hyperreality


By straddling reality and illusion, the New York-based artist exposes the absurdities of femininity while also proving it’s a force to be reckoned with

Magnum’s “Closer”

You can now get a slice of art history for $100


Signed and stamped Martin Parr, Bruce Gilden, Robert Capa, and Bruce Davidson prints, amongst others, are up for grabs for next to no money – here’s how to nab one

Belfast Photo Festival 2017: Dazed 2017

The most boundary-pushing images from the Dazed archive


Dazed opens its archive in an exploration of how fashion and photography help shape gender identity as its most progressive images go on display in Belfast

go inside


an all female fight club

young thug

young thug



Basquiat’s collaborator releases unseen pics of the artist


Al Diaz, one half of the infamous graffiti and art duo SAMO©, is releasing a new collection of works

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Personal photos taken on disposables by refugees in Paris


‘Disposable Perspectives’ is a beautiful project that returns the crisis to those it affects

Chloe Sheppard’s I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Photographing beautiful moments of self-love and acceptance


Photographer Chloe Sheppard’s upcoming exhibition pays homage to women and shows that it’s our flaws that make us universally human

Miron Zownir’s Berlin Noir

Photos of Berlin’s freaks and fringe outsiders over 30 years


Miron Zownir captured the weirdest and most wonderful characters that ruled the city’s underbelly both before and after the fall of the Berlin wall

Sofía Ayarzagoitia’s Every night temo ser la dinner

Photographing the art of seduction


Mexican photographer Sofía Ayarzagoitia explores the tension and intimacy of a playful relationship with a lover she met in Madrid

Joshua Woods’s Gap, Dazed Digital exclusive

The only photos you need to see from last month


A celebration of the gap tooth, one of the most youthful cities in the world, unseen portraits of Prince and photos of Warhol from a guy who called him an ‘asshole’

sky ferreira


enduring spirit

tarantino confirms


all his films are connected

Louise Parker: Pieces of Me

Reclaiming identity through found photos of yourself


Model and photographer Louise Parker appropriates already existing imagery of herself in order to reclaim her identity

Samuel Gratacap

The people stuck in a desert transit camp in Tunisia


Photographer Samuel Gratacap spent two years in a transit camp in the Tunisian desert in an attempt to strip away the narratives of tragedy in order to provide one of identity