Teddy Fitzhugh

Been clubbing in London? You might be in these photos

Photography Lightbox

This photographer has been navigating the London club scene for the past seven years – capturing us in all our gurning, sweating, dancing glory

Wanda Martin

Is this what you and your partner look like in bed?

Photography Rise

This photographer is capturing the fluidity of relationships, regardless of gender and sexuality

Lukas Ionesco by David Ledoux

The Larry Clark ‘kid’ going his own way

Photography Lightbox

See how the star of the director’s controversial Parisian skate flick The Smell of Us, Lukas Ionesco, is paving a path of his own

Chih Hsien Chen, Taiwanese youth

The weird and wonderful world of Taiwanese youth

Photography Rise

Glimpse the underbelly of Taiwan’s youth culture where rebellious girls rule the nightlife

Isamaya Ffrench

Isamaya Ffrench widget

On the up

The future of


female-led porn

Wot Do You Call It

Put these London-based male photographers on your radar

Photography Lists

Telling the diverse stories behind London’s people and places, from grime to gentrification – see why you should hit ‘follow’ on these emerging Instagrammers

Masahisa Fukase’s Bukubuku

Was this Japanese photographer the ultimate selfie master?

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Half-submerged in his bathtub, Masahisa Fukase channelled heartbreak into this poignant series of self-portraits

Luke Smithers

Can you tell who’s ‘gay’ or ‘straight’ in these photographs?

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Army gear, feather boas and spurred boots: this photo series is challenging the stereotypes of how we present sexuality

The Bag I'm In

This book archives 36 of the UK’s best music scenes

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Peek inside a treasure trove of previously unseen photographs of the UK’s most exciting youth subcultures spanning 1960 to 1990

Maisie Cousins, Dazed

Why we should embrace our bodies’ ‘ugly bits’

Photography How To

Fighting the good fight against clickbait feminism and ‘nice’ photos: Maisie Cousins gives a masterclass in photographing imperfection

Kim Kanye Juergen

Those weird photos of Kim and Kanye are on show in London

Photography News

Remember that odd trip to the French countryside that Yeezy and Juergen Teller took Kim on? The photos are now on show

humorous look at


female sexuality

Shia LaBeouf


the #interview

Austin Hernandez

How to find your true self with photography

Photography Rise

This photographer explores the paradox of identity in the stripped back, natural world

Katarzyna Mazur’s Anna Konda

These photos go inside an east Berlin, all-female fight club

Photography Lightbox

Bodybuilders go up against black belts in jiu-jitsu and beginners ‘catfight’ – these intimate images show the fights and the friendships of a Berlin club