Going it alone in a post-Klaxons world


With his former band finished and a child on the way, James Righton decamped to the south of France to start his new psychedelic pop project Shock Machine

Prince Collage

Prince’s Paisley Park home is going to become a museum


The Minnesota estate will be dedicated to the late icon’s legacy

azealia banks

Azealia Banks slams Lemonade, calls Beyoncé ‘a thief’


‘You keep crying over a man and perpetuating that sad black female sufferance... That’s not strength that’s stupidity’


Examining Lemonade with a Beyoncé studies professor


Rutgers University’s Kevin Allred, who runs a Politicising Beyoncé class, unpacks the political, social and pop cultural elements of the star’s visual album




go inside


an all female fight club

Lauren Auder

Lauren Auder’s new song explores symbiosis and living as one

MusicFirst Look

The 17-year-old French singer-songwriter’s new track with Dviance is a work of moody, noise-tinged beauty

lil kim

The wider context behind Lil Kim’s ‘whitened’ selfie


The rapper has been criticised for her skin tone after sharing a photo on Instagram, but the pressure to conform to narrow, corporate beauty standards is real

Sky Ferreira Twin Peaks

The enduring musical legacy of Twin Peaks

MusicTop Five

With Xiu Xiu’s covering the show’s soundtrack and a slew of musicians announced for season three, we look at the lasting influence of David Lynch’s series on music


Rihanna reveals NSFW footage from her new ‘Needed Me’ video


Two behind-the-scenes clips of the Harmony Korine-directed film were dropped last night

Beyoncé - Lemonade (The Visual Album) 12

Beyoncé: a perfectly flawed role model for young black women


Lemonade shows how difficult it can be to love men, and why it’s important to love yourself. She might not be flawless, but she’s honest

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 14.29.52

Heading for the British Asian underground with Riz MC

MusicFirst Look

The mixtape Englistan and new film ‘Daytimer’ are the latest offerings from an artist that wants to portray a subculture rarely shown – its music, its fashion and its gangs

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florence odyssey (1)

Florence Welch and Vincent Haycock discuss The Odyssey

MusicFirst Look

Watch the music video for ‘Third Eye’, the final part of The Odyssey – a 47-minute visual accompaniment to Florence + the Machine’s third album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful


Drake shares cover art for new album Views From The Six


The gloomy image – which shows the rapper sitting on top of Toronto’s CN Tower – has been slammed on social media