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Gwyneth Paltrow is selling some awful rap-inspired purses

Retailing at just over £1,000, the designers appear to have forgotten all about one of hip hop’s most famous feuds

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One place you’ll never get FOMO: Tomorrowland

Steve Aoki and David Guetta are EDM heavyweights seeing out their days with ‘big drop banger’ remixes of nursery rhymes and Celine Dion

Michele Lamy
Music Sound of Fashion

Michele Lamy’s ultimate playlist for outsiders

From the snarling beats of Eminem to punk pioneer Malcolm McLaren, fashion’s most inimitable muse shares the sounds of her icons

Ryn Weaver armpit hair
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What's Azealia Banks' problem with this armpit selfie?

Rising artist Ryn Weaver is proud of her body hair, but the rapper isn't happy with the natural look

fashion casting


is changing

the teen feminists


changing the world

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Snoop pulled over by Swedish cops on suspicion of drug use

The rapper claims that the ‘stop and search’ incident was purely down to racial profiling and vows never to visit the country again

Telfar and Arca
Music Sound of Fashion

The young sound of NYC’s fashion anarchists

From the icy beats of Arca, to the club-rap hybrids of Le1f, we've collated a playlist to celebrate New York’s revolution

Bjork Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin
Music Lightbox

Björk shares a series of her personal emails

The artist publishes private emails exhanged with philosopher Timothy Morton, penned as she searched for her place in the world

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Why Alice Glass’ track is more than just a comeback

‘Stillbirth’ shows the ex-Crystal Castles’ singer coming out fighting, but she’s always been a force to be reckoned with

Nicki Minaj Anaconda
Music Top Ten

Dazed’s alternative ‘Video of the Year’ nominations

After Nicki Minaj called out this year’s VMA choices, here’s our own list of videos that should get recognition

Music Q+A

What’s behind Alt-J’s obsession with sound?

Gus of Alt-J on sampling Miley Cyrus, soundtracking Gus Van Sant and why Grammys aren’t his thing

The cyber feminist


leaking her own nudes

Shia LaBeouf


the #interview

Olly Alexander
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How LGBT artists are louder and prouder than ever

For too long pop has been prudish – but young, queer artists are calling for music to get same-sex positive

taylor nicki
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Nicki Minaj hits out at ‘Anaconda’ VMA snub

The rapper was tweeting her feelings about being ignored by the awards and then Taylor Swift waded in like a wrecking ball