Photography Collier Schorr, fashion Robbie Spencer

How Stranger Things gave us something to believe in


We explore the layers of meaning behind the TV-series-turned-cult phenomenon that ignited our imaginations at a time when keeping an ironical distance can seem a safer bet

Lemon Twigs Brian Michael D’Addario Dazed Fumi Nagasaka 2016

The prodigal teen brothers bringing psychedelia back to pop


Hanging out at the mall with The Lemon Twigs – the Technicolor teenage heartthrobs crafting a musical multiverse straight out of suburban Long Island

Millie Bobby Brown Collier Schorr Robbie Spencer Dazed 2016

Millie Bobby Brown on chats with Winona and channelling ET


As Eleven in Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown became the world’s most famous 12-year-old – she talks instant fame, going by instinct and the importance of vulnerability

Finn Wolfhard Collier Schorr Robbie Spencer Dazed 2016

Finn Wolfhard on the 80s, weird adult fans and writing songs


As the star of Stranger Things he has the world at his feet – but as the actor reveals, he’s as happy hanging out and playing guitar as he is fighting Demogorgons and meeting Obama

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true heroine

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the winter issue


The real and risqué Norwegian TV show causing teen hysteria


Skam is taking over teenagers’ lives – fans are adding their own subtitles, skipping school, and losing sleep over this Skins-like high school drama that subverts stereotypes


The unsung hero capturing decades of NYC subculture


Clayton Patterson has collected over a million photographs of New York’s club kids, riots, artists and outlaws – making him one of the city’s most prolific outsider documentarians


Julia Cumming on punk influences and finding her power


‘I’m gonna make some art that makes people feel something’ – on-stage and off, Sunflower Bean’s Julia Cumming is a rock world presence it’s impossible to ignore


Adam Curtis on power in a post-truth world


We meet the mind behind HyperNormalisation to talk about the state of civilization’s confusion, why his stories are emotional and the beauty of Burial


How Donnie Darko’s Frank became the ultimate outsider symbol


Fifteen years after the film fizzled in cinemas, we speak to actor James Duval – who plays Frank – to discuss his role as a demon bunny that continues to smile dementedly from pop culture’s shadows

Bob Dylan collage

DA Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus unpack Don’t Look Back


The influential duo behind some of the century’s most essential cult docs talk Bob Dylan, Bill Clinton and six decades of shooting from the hip

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Wes Andersons

The dA–Zed guide


to British sub-culture


The dA-Zed of Dazed & Confused

Arts+CultureDazed 25

Censorship issues, visually arresting social reportage and an address from President Bill Clinton, here’s a 26-point guide to 25 years of Dazed


Irvine Welsh talks Trainspotting, the war on drugs & Fabric

Arts+CultureDazed 25

The novelist from Edinburgh’s docklands started writing his seminal debut novel at the same time that Dazed launched its first issue – we discuss the failures of capitalism, the imminent release of T2 and being free