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Maisie Williams for Prime Minister

As Game of Thrones’ cherubic assassin comes of age just in time for the general election, she talks sexual taboos and why generation selfie won’t be silenced

Meredith Graves
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Meredith Graves on why men ruin everything

Perfect Pussy have set the world alight. Here, the New York crew's frontwoman tells us why hardcore punk is the sound for our times

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Laura Jane Grace: true trans soul rebel

The fearless Against Me! frontwoman talks tattoos, transitions and Transgender Dysphoria Blues

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Inside The Age of Earthquakes

Hans Ulrich Obrist, Douglas Coupland and Shumon Basar discuss tomorrow via the spreads from their radical artist's book, Age Of Earthquakes

Counter culture films


that shaped the 70s




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Unpicking fashion’s neo-nostalgia

From Destiny’s Child to Sailor Moon, SS15 saw designers put on their rose-tinted glasses and embrace the not-so-distant past

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Arts+Culture Election 2015

Eight things this generation needs now!

With the election in overdrive, British youth are in revolt. Here’s what this generation needs from our leaders

NY underground-longread_
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Trip through New York’s fashion underground

Illegal runway shows, popper-huffing poster boys and painted on gym socks: join Gypsy Sport and Eckhaus Latta’s downtown revolution

Still 1 normal
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Why Dior and I breaks all the rules

A new documentary offers a candid glimpse inside the house, shattering expectations about the fashion industry

Jam City
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How Jam City is starting a love revolution

South London’s electronic artist channels a post-riots optimism on ‘Dream A Garden’, his boldest album to date

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Bruce LaBruce’s favourite gay horror films

The cult horror director is about to have a retrospective at New York’s MoMA. Here, he sifts through the best gay horror films he’s ever seen

Inside Iceland's


pagan revival

swarovski generation


15 years of rule breakers

Alexander McQueen Dazed Digital Butterfly Katy England
Fashion Longread

The Dazed history of Alexander McQueen

Whether posing models on a pile of pigs’ heads or challenging ideas around disability with his groundbreaking Fashion-Able issue, the designer’s collaborators look back on his most radical moments as our fashion editor-at-large

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Advice I would give my teenage self

Happy Women's day! Read what Ciara, Donatella and more of our favourite women would tell their younger selves if they could