Fryd Bliss Resting – summer 2017

Talking to the stars of Bruce LaBruce’s hellraising new film


Meet the actors reigning chaos on the establishment in 90s Berlin, in Bruce LaBruce’s new lawless and hilarious film


Tyler, the Creator has been doing it better since 2011


The rapper and fashion designer has set the standard for years, and in the wake of speculation about his sexuality after ‘Scum Fuck Flower Boy’ leaked, he’s laser-focused on everything but the haters

 – Summer 2017

Kelora and the new wave of dark Glasgow sounds


Fusing the hauntingly bleak with a twisted, anarchic energy, Kelora are leading a new wave of Glasgow musicians in capturing the realities of modern Scotland


Haim on new visions, divas and always repping home


The sisters from the San Fernando Valley return with an album fraught with heartbreak for a triumphant homecoming

kirsten dunst



finn wolfhard


sci-fi ‘it-boy’

Heather Ledger 2

Heath Ledger was the straightest gay man in Hollywood


The actor’s sexuality was always in question, even after his death, for taking on roles others wouldn’t. Here we look at the life, work and death of the mysterious, much-loved actor

baba 5

Baba Stiltz on bringing introspection to the dancefloor


Blending devastating beats with his own pensive tendencies, meet the eclectic Swedish producer hypnotising a whole new generation of ravers

Sylvia Plath longread

Talking to the team digging up Sylvia Plath’s lost poems


A new book uncovers never-before-seen poems, manuscripts and letters from the prolific writer, painting a bright, emboldened picture of the talented and witty woman outside of her dark, sad iconography


The conceptual designer behind cult film The Dark Crystal

Arts+CultureCult VIP

The artist behind mythical favourites like The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth opens up his fantasy world


Tilda Swinton on the dystopian power of Okja


‘The present moment calls for absurdism, caricature and tomfoolery’ – the fearless icon on the timely relevance of her Okja protagonist


How Phoenix and Sofia Coppola influence each other


As the French disco-rockers release Ti Amo and unveil their score for Sofia Coppola’s Civil War-set The Beguiled, we revisit their songs laced throughout the filmmaker’s oeuvre

Marilyn Manson


still bigger than Satan

sasha lane’s


star is born

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 11.21.21

Sofia Coppola on the importance of dreaming


Back with southern gothic epic The Beguiled, the director of her generation talks filmmaking, fashion and pushing herself with her darkest chapter to date


Halsey on miscarriage, the media & being treated like a meme


The pop sensation tells us why the press gets it wrong, how she turned her breakup into art and what it’s like being the first female artist to release a number one album this year