Cosey Fanni Tutti - spring/summer 2017

Cosey Fanni Tutti on porn, provocation and radical art


‘I’ve been a rude little girl, haven’t I?’ - revealing exclusive images from her new autobiography, Cosey Fanni Tutti reflects on a lifetime of unflinching art and sound

Comme X Cindy Sherman cover

Revisit Rei Kawakubo talking to Paul Smith in 1995


With the Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons retrospective at the Met opening this week, we look back at an interview between the mysterious Japanese designer and Paul Smith for Dazed in 1995


Why we can’t stop watching Isabelle Huppert


After her most incendiary role to date in Elle, Isabelle Huppert talks poise, provocation and vividly remaking on-screen femininity in her image

Gorillaz (Longread)

We Skyped every member of Gorillaz


On its surface, the band’s new album Humanz is one of the most energetic party records of the year – but as 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel tell us, it was the in fact a product of blackmail, manipulation and strife

The five cult docs


that you need to see

These female photogs


take better selfies than you


Lisa and Lena are the lip-syncing twins invading your feed


With 16 million followers on, meet the hyperactive duo lighting up social media


Alex Wek and Grace Bol are fighting for peace in South Sudan


Photographer Viviane Sassen brings two fearless fashion icons together for Dazed - here, they speak out on anti-war activism and multiculturalism in modelling

Perfume Genius-01

Perfume Genius on joy, despair and being human


With a lavishly orchestrated sound and hooks that leave you breathless, Mike Hadreas’s new album No Shape could be the one that puts him into the big leagues


Lana Del Rey on LA weirdness and defining her generation


‘Is this the mysterious Lana Del Rey?’ — set to release her era-defining fifth LP, pop's dream-queen shoots the LA breeze with grunge hellraiser Courtney Love


Noah Cyrus's cyberpop crash lands into 2017


“Music was also something I wanted to do, but I wanted to grow up a little before I did it’’ - tearing into 2017 with a cyberpop sound, Miley's sibling is more than your average Valley girl


How China keeps gay people off TV while dating apps go viral


Caught up in the politics of censorship and extended traditionalism, Chinese homosexuals are finding themselves erased from the country’s popular culture

The art school student


making porn avant-garde

How to avoid wasting time


when you’re blue


Talking to the stars of Ghost In The Shell


We catch up with Rupert Sanders, Scarlett Johansson, Michael Pitt and the visionary special effects team about the making of the future world thriller


Amandla Stenberg on taking her activism to the big screen


‘Now is the moment to move from conversations to action’ — Amandla Stenberg talks to kindred spirit Amma Asante about the fearless new film that brought them together