Meet the girl group breaking K-Pop’s rules


Red Velvet came to fame with an unconventional sound and loyal female following – they tell us what two years as one of K-Pop’s most successful young acts has taught them

hari nef

Hari Nef on freedom, the fashion world and your feelings

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We go deep with the multi-talented star about the myth of freedom, navigating the treacherous terrain of social media and trying to stay casual


The Pussy Riot protest manifesto

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Group member Nadya Tolokonnikova lays out her advice on how to get political in an increasingly volatile world


Nicolas Jaar on Sirens, systems of violence and speaking out


The 26-year-old Chilean-American producer discusses how he created his most personal – and most political – album to date

How to avoid wasting time


when you’re blue

These female photogs


take better selfies than you


Barbara Kruger on reality TV, pop culture’s power, and fear

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Twenty years after she transformed the pages of Dazed into artworks, the iconic artist discusses power, pop culture, and why she watches The Real Housewives


Five of Dazed’s most provocative art moments

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Former art editor Mark Sanders recalls getting the Chapman Brothers to resit their GCSE, along with the spread so graphic it saw the magazine pulled from stockists


M.I.A. on freedom, fighting for identity & life as a bandit

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We talk to the divisive pop icon about her identity as a refugee, being a British Asian in the 90s and gaining inspiration from groundbreaking political renegades


Justice on world success, walking their own path and Woman

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The French electronic duo are back with their first album in five years – they tell us how they wrote a disco record celebrating freedom and femininity


Ten Dazed covers that defined a moment

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From the demise of the cover star to the rise of fourth wave feminism – revisit ten of our most agenda-setting issues

Mykki Blanco 1

Getting to know the real Mykki Blanco

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‘Fuck performing, fuck entertaining people, fuck trying to be famous’: the rapper talks to us about accepting himself on his debut album Mykki

Shia LaBeouf


the #interview

go inside


an all female fight club


Ten historic Dazed features you need to read

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As we open our digital archives for a limited time only, read some of the best stories from the past 25 years – featuring Björk, Marilyn Manson, Iggy Pop and more


Romain Gavras breaks down his astounding Jamie xx video

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The visionary director shares a behind-the-scenes documentary for ‘Gosh’ and talks filming in a fake version of Paris with 300 Chinese schoolchildren