Amandla Stenberg on taking her activism to the big screen


‘Now is the moment to move from conversations to action’ — Amandla Stenberg talks to kindred spirit Amma Asante about the fearless new film that brought them together


Meet Ashton Sanders, the shining star of Moonlight


‘Talk about life moving super-fast...’ – as his electric turn in Moonlight revolutionises LGBT portrayals on screen, the magnetic talent reflects on his rise


The Trainspotting gang on friendship, masculinity and demons


As the sequel to the cult phenomenon hits cinemas, we sit down with director Danny Boyle and the original foursome to talk making amends for the past, swapping vices and updating a classic


Christeene drops new anal liberation anthem with Rick Owens


A NSFW new video directed by Matt Lambert is the perfect antidote to the built-in shame surrounding queer bodies and sexuality – watch it exclusively here and read about the making of ‘Butt Muscle’

Zines, posters and gay porn


the skinhead archives

tarantino confirms


all his films are connected

Obama, Yes We Can, Collage

How Barack Obama kick-started black civil rights online


The outgoing president’s 2008 campaign was more revolutionary than we realise, inspiring a new era of Internet activism and black empowerment


Taking the spirit of Buffalo to the streets of Paris


Jamie Morgan and Ib Kamara pay homage to Barry Kamen in a shoot featuring Paris’s African club kids – here they discuss this story, Barry’s legacy and Buffalo’s future


Wiley is the grime godfather back to rule over his empire


The album that he says will probably be his last is being released in the midst of grime’s resurgence, one that he hasn’t been a part of – now could be his final chance to mark his territory as the undisputed king


How Total Freedom’s devastating DJ sets changed club music

MusicUnder The Influence

We trace the influence of Ashland Mines on today’s dark dancefloors, pioneering fashion shows and chart-topping rap records

Sigourney Weaver Vanina Sorrenti Dazed Confused 2016

Sigourney Weaver: sci-fi’s original screen siren


Four decades since Alien and still a queen of the silver screen, the legendary actor talks Ripley’s return, the importance of fairytales and why she won’t stop looking to the future


The forgotten history of California’s queer hip hop scene

MusicSecret History

Following a HIV diagnosis in 1999, Tim’m T West formed queer hip hop trio Deep Dickollective, ushering in a radical new rap scene whose influence can still be felt today

The five cult docs


that you need to see

young thug

young thug


LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner, #ANDINTHEEND

LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner consider what happens in the end


Last weekend, LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner staged a new performance, #ANDINTHEEND, at the Sydney Opera House. In an exclusive interview, they discuss politics, frustrations, and whether or not they believe that the end is really here


How Scream reinvented the slasher movie

Arts+CultureSecret History

The classic horror flick is now 20 years old – we talk to the film’s producer about how it defied expectations, launched careers and freshened up a stale genre