1 Dapper Dan5
Fashion Longread

Dapper Dan: natural born hustler

Dapper Dan took 80s Harlem hustler style into the mainstream, pimping out everyone from LL Cool J to Mike Tyson with his glamorous garms. He tells us how he redefined high fashion for the streets

1 michael-yonkers8
Music Longread

Sounding off: Michael Yonkers

The story of the guitar-thrashing outsider and cult musician who single-handedly created the noise genre

_ Lead
Fashion Longread

John Sutcliffe: rubber Johnny

From Kubrick’s Korova Milkbar to Westwood and McLaren’s SEX shop, fetish designer John Sutcliffe pushed fashion to the vinyl frontier

1 DT-
Arts+Culture Longread

David Tartakover: Peace now and peace then

David Tartakover has defined graphic art in Israel for 50 years: but his most crucial work has been as thorn in the side of authority. Here, we profile the tireless peace activist at home in Tel Aviv


Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 12.06.19


Whistles' first menswear collection

whistles_0006_ B Whistles8.jpg copy

DJ Bradley Zero models Whistles in short film

1 paul-nelson
Arts+Culture Longread

Paul Nelson: word perfect

Before turning his back on journalism, Paul Nelson helped Bowie, Dylan, and Cohen on their way to the big time. In 2006 he starved himself to death, his press clippings and record collection the only witnesses

Music Longread

Alex Steinweiss: the art of music

Seventy-five years ago the Brooklyn-born graphic design prodigy Alex Steinweiss changed the face of recorded music forever

Music Longread

Nicki Minaj: her Minajesty

Eccentric rhymes, raw sexuality and bossy swagger have made Nicki Minaj the definitive hip hop fantasy figure of our generation. As the musical chameleon prepares to unleash The PinkPrint, we take a trip into her surreal world

1 JH-lead
Music Longread

James Hamilton: primitive cool

Patti Smith’s journalistic partner-in-crime – the legendary but low-key image-maker James Hamilton – captured the beating heart of the Big Apple for 40 years

_Anna Halprin
Arts+Culture Longread

Anna Halprin: demon dancer

Experimental choreographer Anna Halprin singlehandedly transformed the language of dance, shocking the status quo with radical new forms of self-expression

Arts+Culture Longread

Bunny Yeager: naked ambition

An interview with the late pin-up pioneer who immortalised Bettie Page and revolutionised glamour photography







1 Bernard Fevre3
Music Longread

Bernard Fevre: the devil inside

The unwitting father of experimental disco paved the way for the likes of Giorgio Moroder and Aphex Twin – and was largely unaware of his enduring influence

1 _QD_4
Arts+Culture Longread

Reno's queens of the desert

‘Judy Garland is dead and so are my calves’ – We meet the outsider artistes at Reno’s Silver Dollar drag court

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