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Meet Britain’s bravest new creatives

The five fearless innovators using punk, drag, film, fashion and fanzines to strike back against the mainstream

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Holly Herndon’s new horizons

The innovative artist is bringing a new sense of intimacy to electronic music. She explains how to create pop in the digital age

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Harry Shearer on life in and out of The Simpsons

As the comic genius quits The Simpsons after 25 years, we publish a never seen before interview with the man behind Ned Flanders, C. Montgomery Burns, Principal Skinner and, of course, Spinal Tap's immortal bass player, Derek Smalls

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Fashion State of the Nation

British fashion’s new identity politics

Using the runway to dissect issues of race, class, gender and sexuality, these are the designers staging a rebellion against the greying state of British culture

Marilyn Manson


a nose for trouble

yo-landi visser


from hood rat to heroine

Arts+Culture State of the Nation

Why hasn't Britain wiped out LGBT hate crime?

It's 2015, equal marriage is here and almost every political party is gunning for the gay vote. But queer men and women still live in fear on our streets

Arts+Culture State of the Nation

First time voters, second time round

In 2010, we toured the land looking for those about to vote. Four days before this seismic election, we speak to generation coalition about their choice now

Dazed Digital Dior Raf Simons Dior and I interview
Fashion Longread

Raf Simons: Dior on overdrive

After kinking up couture and baring his soul on screen, fashion’s most notorious outsider reflects on the story so far

Arts+Culture State of the Nation

How a new wave of POC artists is challenging Britishness

What does it mean to be British? Read five outspoken collectives' views on identity in UK culture in this roundtable

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Viktoria Modesta: bionic woman

The world's first amputee pop star confronted the public when she invaded the The X Factor final. She tells us why the illuminati rumours only add fuel to her fire

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Why UK nightlife will never die

British clubland is refusing to fold in the face of aggressive redevelopment and finds itself in the midst of an exciting evolution

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you're more likely to be a psycho

Arts+Culture Head to Head

Vivienne Westwood chats with Mother Earth's champion

In 2009, Vivienne Westwood met James Lovelock – the man who named Gaia. This Earth Day, read their inspiring conversation from the archive

Housing horror
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Housing horror stories

Mould, mice and machetes – we round up your most terrifying tales of renting in the UK today