Still from "Frances Ha"
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How to steal like your fave indie filmmaker

Frances Ha director Noah Baumbach finds inspo in everything from Charlie Brown to the French New Wave

Olly Alexander
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How LGBT artists are louder and prouder than ever

For too long pop has been prudish – but young, queer artists are calling for music to get same-sex positive

Best of Men's NYFW
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Was New York’s first menswear week a success?

Big name models, all-American brands and the most relaxed series of shows in years – but did NYMFW do enough?

Daria Lena Dunham
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Daria doesn’t need help – she’s just a truth bombing teen

On Instagram, Lena Dunham suggested that the cartoon icon could have ‘benefitted from therapy’, but she’s the only sane one on the show

Swarovski generation


15 years of rule breakers

Marilyn Manson


a nose for trouble

Ghost World 2001
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Why Ghost World is the ultimate teen girl outsider film

Flawed and bored, the characters in Ghost World weren’t Manic Pixies – they were human

Molly Bair on Instagram
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Eight hilarious models to follow on Instagram

Tilda Lindstam isn’t the only model with a GSOH – here’s a gang of others you should be hitting follow on

Maya Fuhr
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Deconstructing the ‘high school girl’ image

A new generation of photographers are readdressing one of the most globally recognised visuals by swapping out perfection for an ideal that’s closer to reality

Day bed by Rick Owens
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What to buy to go with your €1m Fendi coat

Following on from the eye-watering price tags of the house’s couture collection, here are some other things that will absolutely bankrupt you

Frank Ocean
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Five things to expect from Frank Ocean’s new album

Sex songs, Abbey Road and Lil B collabs? We've dug up the info on #BOYSDONTCRY

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Seven things you never knew about the fashion in Clueless

Costume designer Mona May digs deep into the wardrobe to reveal some secrets about the film’s iconic looks

The dA–Zed guide


to British sub-culture

take a look inside


the summer issue

50 Cent Instagram
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What does this 50 Cent Instagram really say?

‘Times are hard out here LMAO’ – What does Fiddy mean by this, stood next to a Smart car?

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Music you may have missed in the last six months

Dive into Soko’s sludgy summer tracks, drink up Abra’s dance-ready debut, and devour the essential releases that may have passed you by this year