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Can science explain Twin Peaks?

We get our geek on in the search for answers to some of the unexplained phenomena of the cult TV show – spoilers ahead, obvs

Noomi Spook
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Why are there no female filmmakers?

There were more women in the director's chair in 1998 than there are now

The Vestoj Salon on Slowness
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Disrupting the chaos of fashion week

A performance piece during Couture had an audience watch the laboriously slow process of 18th century dressing – what was it trying to achieve?

jacqueline mabey edit
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Fighting the Wikipedia boys’ club

Radical groups like Art+Feminism are calling on girls to reclaim the wiki-verse for themselves – here’s why editing your gender is the new activism

drone porn


is surprisingly pretty

a new wave of


digi-feminist art

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Mapping out the next 12 months of legal highs

Whether for good or bad, the grey market is here to stay. We trace the tricky landscape of where your next high might come from

Rick Owens AW15 Dazed backstage Sphinx
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What Rick Owens' full-frontal runway show says about us

Basically: we're all afraid of a little dick

Brenton Thwaites in “Son of a Gun”
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Brenton Thwaites makes a break for it

Escaping the clink for crime flick Son of a Gun, the upcoming Aussie actor knows his way out of a tight corner

The Shape of Pop to Come
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The DIY producers making pop weirder

From SOPHIE and Madonna to Metro Boomin and Nicki Minaj, the top 40 is awash with fringe sounds. Five essential voices on how the mainstream is evolving

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Eight things we know about the new Rihanna album

It might include a song called ‘Burritos’, and potential collabs with Nicki Minaj, Sam Smith and Sia

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Why Galliano’s Margiela return mattered

Susie Bubble: at a time when the fashion system doesn’t allow for dreamers, the designer’s first show for the house was more than just a second chance



Dazed deluxe, long-form

Twenty albums


to look out for in 2015

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Did cyberpunk film Decoder hint at tech’s control?

Muscha’s Orwellian vision of anti-muzak riots will screen as part of the Barbican’s Berlin Calling season

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The pivotal moments in any teen movie

The brains behind a new film celebrating the pleasures of teen cinema takes us through his favourite genre clichés