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Fashion’s most extreme footwear

To celebrate the announcement of the V&A’s summer exhibition ‘Shoes: Pleasure and Pain’, we chart five pairs worthy of any fixation

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Interviewing Shia wasn't that weird. What happened next was

Ever wanted to know what it's like to be in the eye of a viral storm? Aimee Cliff writes exclusively about the media madness that followed her #interview with Shia LaBeouf

Johnny Depp in The Rum Diary
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Is booze a muse?

Lars von Trier thinks ‘creative’ and ‘sober’ are mutually exclusive – we look at the dying myth of the Byronic director

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
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Ang Lee's Martial Law

Martial Arts has become a metaphor for stylised ultra-violence – so where does Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fit into a genre that's as synonymous with cheesy 70s films as it is with the arcane art of ancient China?




Be carefree not careless

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with weekday's condom film

Still from short film "Noah"
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Jason Reitman: what I learned from the WWW

‘If I had access to the kind of pornography kids do these days I would have never done any homework’

Adam Sandler & Rosemarie DeWitt
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As we STFU in real life, will movies follow?

Films are harking back to the silent era by telling stories through texts onscreen

Rosamund Pike
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The women taking over the screen

Rosamund Pike's gonzo character in Gone Girl is leading a surge of complex females in film

Quentin Tarantino
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Five things that might happen if Tarantino retires

After The Hateful Eight, director Quentin Tarantino may call it quits – we imagine how he’d spend his time

Lea Colombo Russia Dazed
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Russia's new fashion revolution

Putin, Pussy Riot, homophobia – we hear a lot about the former Soviet state, but not about its fashion. There's a generation of young designers about to change that

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Be carefree not careless with Weekday’s condom range

Watch lovers embrace to the sounds of Mapei in this Swedish fashion brand’s new short film

the dazed sex survey


the results are in




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Interesting Ball: It’s a wrap

Get a glimpse into the fun-filled world of the DANIELS and the faces behind their darkly funny, epic masterpiece that is Interesting Ball

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Why black metal will save you at the end of the world

Scott Wilson, editor of a new book on black metal's ecology ideas, take you into Apocalypse – and beyond