Red carpet rebel girls Lil Kim
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Five rebel girls who shunned red carpet rules

Armpit hair, no make-up and fearlessly flaunting their sexuality: these are the women who refused to play along

Rihanna for Dior Secret Garden Steven Klein
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Decoding Rihanna’s Dior campaign

Five things you might have missed from the queen of pop’s Secret Garden film

ADI press shot
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Five songs that help ADI express herself

What’s the future of pop? The rainbow-haired singer and producer traces her inspirations

Clueless 90s cult teen movies remake
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The 90s teen films no one should mess with

The Craft is getting a remake, but here’s five cult classics Hollywood needs to stay away from

Marilyn Manson


a nose for trouble

Vote Maisie


Arya Stark for prime minister

banned ads Miu Miu Tom Ford Mia Goth censorship
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Fashion v censorship: a history of banned ads

Which of these two ads did the Advertising Standards Agency find potentially offensive?

The man who fell to earth 3
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The science we do (and don’t) want from the movies

Flying cars, dodgy genetics and Jar Jar Binks – we sift out the best and worst of on-screen science

Swarovski 120th Anniversary Alexander McQueen S/S 1999 Show
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From McQueen to Michael Jackson: enter Swarovski’s archive

Last week the jewellery empire invited the fashion world (and FKA twigs) to Austria to celebrate 120 years of history – here’s what we found out

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Meet the slam poets sounding off on feminist issues

Five female spoken-word poets tackle tough issues and share their experiences in new BBC series Women Who Spit

Stephen Jones 90s
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Five life lessons from Stephen Jones

The master milliner talks Blitz Kids, MOVEment and why he’ll be working at the UN in his next life

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How Vine changed our minds

Vine launched on the web officially a year ago, and was on phones months before that, but it's not until now that its full force has been felt

fashion casting


is changing

watch ghost-poet's new video


‘X Marks The Spot’

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The rise and fall of the ironic fashion fake

A lawsuit just hit the maker of the Ain’t Laurent Without Yves t-shirt, but what do tongue-in-cheek slogans say about our relationship to fashion today?

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Kehlani just put out the R&B album of the year so far

The weed-smoking Bay Area singer puts your fave to shame with ‘You Should Be Here’ – here's why she deserves to be a star