Kasper Bjorke Apart video still
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Watch Kasper Bjørke’s mysterious ‘Apart’ video

Denmark’s synth wizard recruits vocalist Sísý Ey and director Karim Huu Do for the strange and cinematic visual

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Why The Garden is your new favourite band

Meet the awesome musician twins, Hedi Slimane models and creative soulmates behind The Garden in a documentary by Liza Mandelup

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Transcending to outer space

Rad Shanghai artist Kim Laughton's 3D-rendered video currently in orbit is premiering here. Pay close attention!

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Get the first glimpse of Focus Creeps' new film

There Is No Gravity – the latest film from Dazed 100 talent Focus Creeps – is a rural and remote coming-of-age, and you can see a teaser of the film here

watch ghost-poet's new video


‘X Marks The Spot’

watch Ghost-poet’s new video


‘X Marks The Spot’

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An ode to good decisions, and bad

Ryan Reichenfeld steps inside the life of small-town skateboarder Sean in the latest of AG Rojas and Vince Haycock's TRIBUTE series of films

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Ride to the dark side with Last Night in Paris

Nothing is pure and nothing is simple in this cinematic trip directed by Karim Huu Do

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Watch our full-length documentary The Outsiders

Glasgow’s take on punk saw an effeminate movement dominate the streets and prove their creative hold on the music scene

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Watch the Winter 2014 issue preview

Click play and flick through the our new, Kendall Jenner-fronted issue with this trailer

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Watch our full-length documentary It's Bass up North

Take a trip up north and rediscover the bassline odyssey that ran riot in the streets of Britain’s ex-industrial towns

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British Council and Dazed team up for a mouth-watering doc about Indonesia's street food culture




25 years of



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Watch our full-length documentary Open Mic

Trip back to the birth of grime as Dizzee Rascal, Scratchy and Kano spit bars in Ewen Spencer’s highly anticipated new film

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Peek inside New Zealand's oldest strip club

Lose yourself in this intimate yet cinematic portrait of Auckland’s street of sin