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This film explores being queer and in love in the Bible Belt

Arts+CultureTrue Love

This new series follows Sarah and Bri, finding their way together while pitted against the conservative traditions of American society as young lesbians

Mollie Mills Vogue, Detroit

How Voguing is saving young lives in Detroit

Arts+CultureFemale Firsts

This documentary unpicks the fierce subculture offering solace for queer people in one of America’s most dangerous cities


Tracing the big dreams of young Chinese factory workers


Xiong Di literally translates as ‘fellas’ – following Qu Maomao and his friends as they attempt to break the monotony of their daily lives

BBall_London_ 27

How basketball is saving young British people’s lives

Arts+CultureDoc X

The lack of government funding for British basketball is stifling the opportunities for young players, voicing their passions in this new film

The 5 new


Wes Andersons

kiernan shipka


wide awake

Death Drive

Relive the visual artistry of your nights out

Arts+CultureMusic Videos

Visual artists Eddie Peake, Prem Sahib and George Henry Longly present ‘Death Drive’: a visual and aural homage to the movement of the dancefloor

Screenshot 2015-10-13 14.34.20

Watch two boys’ rapid and ruthless coming-of-age

Arts+CultureFirst Look

Director Mees Peijnenburg’s graduation film documents the fragility of life and the precariousness of friendship

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 12.57.15

Enter every schoolboy's nightmare

Arts+CultureFirst Look

Watch this James Franco-produced short that sees Modern Family's Rico Rodriguez face bullies and worse under the New Mexico sun


Tribute: SOWLE, exploring what it means to be a skater girl


In the latest Tribute instalment, AG Rojas and Corbett Jones join skateboarding trio SOWLE in Houston, Texas, as they explore what it means to be a skater girl

Cecile Emeke – Lines

This film puts a feminist filter over some your fave lyrics

Arts+CultureFemale Firsts

The filmmaker using some of music’s greatest hits as a starting point for reflection and conversation

Bob Spells Backwards

Meet Bobby, an enigma who can spell any word backwards

Arts+CultureDoc X

Filmmakers Josh Polon and Ryan Maxey follow one man with a very special talent – and put it to the test

the secret history


of kids

How to avoid wasting time


when you’re blue


DeJ Loaf vs Everybody

Arts+CultureDoc X

In a place where dreams are in short supply, DeJ Loaf’s rise from the ashes of Detroit is a fairytale forged from tragedy

Christine Yuan DIYU/HELL still

Watch as hell unfolds on a Chinese family


Li Xia spends her days trapped in purgatory in an experimental exploration into the fragility of the human mind