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Arts+Culture Doc X


British Council and Dazed team up for a mouth-watering doc about Indonesia's street food culture

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Arts+Culture Music Nation

Watch our full-length documentary Open Mic

Trip back to the birth of grime as Dizzee Rascal, Scratchy and Kano spit bars in Ewen Spencer’s highly anticipated new film

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Arts+Culture Video

Peek inside New Zealand's oldest strip club

Lose yourself in this intimate yet cinematic portrait of Auckland’s street of sin

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Arts+Culture Visionaries

Watch a very, very interesting ball

DANIELS’ apocalyptic latest short, an exclusive film celebrating a year of Visionaries, charts a ball's horrifying bounces through LA

Zines, posters and gay porn


the skinhead archives

a new wave of


digi-feminist art

Arts+Culture Visionaries

Sink like a stone with Gems, The ATL Twins and BRTHR

The Visionaries work with Harmony Korine's favourite twins in this exclusive short film

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Arts+Culture Visionaries

Stereotactic: TROIKA 3

To celebrate a year of Dazed Visionaries, Russian collective Stereotactic present a triptych of explosive films with Flying Lotus collaborator Storyboard P directed by Alexander Khudokon

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Arts+Culture Video

Take your brain to another dimension

To celebrate a year of Dazed Visionaries, Stereotactic presents a triptych of dance films starring Storyboard P directed by Alexander Khudokon

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Arts+Culture Video

Storyboard P and Stereotactic trip through NYC

Celebrating a year of Visionaries, Stereotactic presents an explosive three-part dance film with Flying Lotus collaborator Storyboard P directed by Alexander Khudokon

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Arts+Culture Video

Norwegian auteur Kristoffer Borgli confronts his past

Watch acclaimed filmmaker Kristoffer Borgli recall Knausgård and blowjobs at his home on the north Atlantic coast

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Arts+Culture Visionaries

Preview Dazed's Visionaries explosion

As Dazed's video arm celebrates 12 months of extraordinary moving image, watch a trailer for our first birthday celebrations – a week of brand-new Visionaries films

Films to watch


out for in 2015



Dazed deluxe, long-form

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Arts+Culture Music Nation

The second series of Music Nation is coming soon

Dazed's critically acclaimed series returns to TV on 5 November to shine a light on the UK's musical subcultures

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Arts+Culture Exhibit A

Jamie Harley - Kalapana Gardens

How To Dress Well video director Jamie Harley works his found-footage magic in this exclusive Exhibit A piece