Inside the online communities making beautiful black Sims


We speak to the black simmers on Facebook and Tumblr who have turned their frustration over lack of diversity in the game into custom-made characters with attitude


Pretentious, millennial-hating arts job listing gets trashed


The Tea House Theatre are ‘not impressed’ with their applicants so far!

The Beguiled - cast

Sofia Coppola responds to The Beguiled race controversy


‘It has been disheartening to hear my artistic choices, grounded in historical facts, being characterised as insensitive when my intention was the opposite’

Brooklyn Dirty Book Fair 2017

Six filthy gems from Brooklyn’s first-ever Dirty Book Fair


The New York City borough held an inaugural Dirty Book Fair featuring some of the most titillating publications, illustrations and performances

The five cult docs


that you need to see

The dA–Zed guide


to British sub-culture

george a romero

George A Romero: a visionary who saw humanity in the undead


The zombie godfather has passed away, leaving behind a canon of work reminding us that we’re just as scary as the monsters we fear

FKA twigs – Autumn /Winter 2016

Quotes from 9 legends that will light a fire under your ass


FKA twigs, Hans Zimmer, Nicki Minaj and more on why you should never quit

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 16.08.38

Watch the new neon-soaked trailer for Blade Runner 2049


No one can outrun the truth

LGBT China

China’s ban on LGBT Internet content is facing backlash


Weibo is one of many sites cracking down on same-sex videos following strict new regulations on online content, but the social network has sparked major rebellion

Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei and Grayson Perry explore war & terror in new show


Over 40 international artists interpret the consequences of contemporary conflict

Picnic At Hanging Rock

This teen girl film inspired Raf, McQueen & Sofia Coppola


Peter Weir’s Picnic at Hanging Rock has left its mark on fashion throughout eras - we look at where, how and why




the secret history


of kids

Lawrence Lek's Play Station

What happens when capitalism decides humans are useless?


Artist Lawrence Lek’s latest installation anticipates the next phase of recruitment in the corporate world – a dystopian world where humans play games while robots do their jobs

Untitled design

Feeling low? This museum will text you art to fit your mood


The San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art has you covered