Rachel Garrrd VESSEL
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The pursuit of truth

In her first solo exhibition, Rachel Garrard uses the contours of her body to question the existential

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Arts+Culture Exhibit A

Jamie Harley - Kalapana Gardens

How To Dress Well video director Jamie Harley works his found-footage magic in this exclusive Exhibit A piece

Blue Velvet film
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Lose your shit in the suburbs

As Palo Alto ushers in a new wave of frustration in the outskirts, we look at film’s dalliance with the dark side of the ’burbs

Damn I Look Good 1
Arts+Culture News

#DamnILookGood invites women to snap selfies in hijab

A symbol of repression or just one more way of looking good? Artists Saks Afridi and Qinza Najm pick the latter


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Roman Coppola on how to make films

I only have time for coffee
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Twin Peaks book to hit shelves before TV return

‘The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks’ will reveal the fate of the show's original characters

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Study suggests that men and women appreciate art differently

Basically, dudes are all about the artist's ‘personal brand’

Ryan Trecartin, Lizzie Fitch, Total Freedom Frieze
Arts+Culture Dazed & Approved

The unmissable moments at Frieze

From soup sourced from Fukushima to a snoozing security guard, we plot out this year’s ultimate Frieze fest itinerary

Magic Leap
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Google invests $500m in VR ‘rocket ship for the mind’

Virtual reality start-up Magic Leap wants to build the world's most hyper-realistic movie experience

This Message Will Self-Destruct
Arts+Culture News

This self-destructing printer will set your messages on fire

Diego Trujillo's machine combines Cold War paranoia with NSA secrets – and blows them both up

Fembot Austin Powers
Arts+Culture Dazed & Approved

Upgrade your libido with some sex tech

Want as little skin-on-skin contact as possible or too lazy to control your own vibrator? We chart the bizarre world of sex tech

Nicki Minaj Megamix

NickiMinaj_TWITTER_Double Cover

Mixed by Martelo




Benjamin Southworth AllSaints Manifestos
Arts+Culture AllSaints Manifestos

AllSaints Manifestos: Benjamin Southworth

The ‘technology evangelist’ on hacking the future, kicking off his own festival and what it’s like advising the Prime Minister

Danny Fox Paintings
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Paint now, question later

‘Drinking, strippers, figures from history books, TV and movies’ – London artist Danny Fox lists his favourite things using canvas

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