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New Rhizome tool preserves net art for future generations

Colloq archives conversations and art created on social media platforms like Instagram

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How to play the asshole

Nat Wolff has perfected the jerk as the predatory, brash teen terror Fred in Gia Coppola's Palo Alto

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Preview Dazed's Visionaries explosion

As Dazed's video arm celebrates 12 months of extraordinary moving image, watch a trailer for our first birthday celebrations – a week of brand-new Visionaries films

John Baldessari
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John Baldessari: 'I couldn’t be a Hells Angel'

As the godfather of conceptual art opens a new show in New York, he talks Hedi Slimane, art as 'mutual masturbation' and why he has no fantasies




States of


inde- pendence

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Mayor accused as 43 student protesters go missing in Mexico

Government officials fear that the disappearance is linked to drug cartel violence

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AllSaints Manifestos: Andi Watson

Cutting his stage teeth with Radiohead and Prince, the lighting maverick on his visual language and leaving the tour bus behind

David Shrigley
Arts+Culture Q+A

David Shrigley: ‘I’m quite happy being a ponce!’

The Glaswegian artist, whose to-do list includes ‘pissing’ and a ‘human heart’, reveals why he’s not bothered playing the tough guy

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Earlobe-slicing artist Petr Pavlensky: ‘I feel excellent’

The Russian artist talks about getting sent to the psych ward for his ear-chopping protest against state psychiatry

Weird Science
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The fantasy user interfaces you’ll never log on to

From Cher’s wardrobe to Stanley Kubrick’s early ‘iPads’, fulfil your screen-on-screen fantasies with these dream user interfaces

Logan Lerman
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Logan Lerman: ‘I never broke down in front of the guys’

Put through his paces, the ‘new recruit’ in David Ayer's WWII mindfuck Fury barely held it together

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Hattie Stewart
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DIY design today

Here’s your chance to fund a documentary shining a light on the UK artists going tactile

Brbxoxo artwork
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Trip out with the ultimate web domain art

Forget the gallery – explore the zany cyber graphics and out-there concepts from the artists leaving their mark online, literally

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