laptop forever alone

Girl, presumed dead for years, was chilling at internet cafe

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Yeah, she’s been missing for a decade, but she had some serious gaming and hanging out to do

isis bookshop in denver

Isis bookshop vandalised for fifth time, won’t change name

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It’s a New Age Wicca shop named after the Egyptian goddess and has no relation to the terror group

charl landvreugd

We need Afrofuturism more than ever

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There must be more intersectional visions of the future that include all races, genders, sexualities, species and religions

Sophy Robson HEADER

The nail art queen championed by Val Garland

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Sophy Robson is the manicure maestro renowned for upturning beauty’s status quo – see how hip hop, GIFs and graffiti drive her



weird science

The 5 new


Wes Andersons


Zoolander 2 is facing boycott for ‘harmful’ trans character

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A new petition is blasting the film for transphobia, calling it is as offensive as modern day ‘blackface’

hari nef

Hari Nef on love and sex as a trans woman

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The model, artist and actress went on Lena Dunham’s podcast to give the most intimate, important insight into the little discussed world of trans dating

Tara Hudson

A battle for trans rights points to a failing prison system

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Gender roles and the prison system are both barbaric ways to control us – trans activism should join the wider call for prison reform

Blindfolded Muslim asks citizens of Paris for trust

Blindfolded Muslim asks citizens of Paris for trust

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The city showed its solidarity and unity by stopping to embrace the masked stranger

edward snowdon

Ai Weiwei honours dissidents with 4-bit Instagram portraits

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Edward Snowden, Martin Luther King and dozens of other political rebels are featured alongside their story of state punishment

Michelle Visage

Michelle Visage: ‘I could out-vogue any female’

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From rising through NYC’s ball scene to giving good face on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Michelle Visage opens up about being a fearless queen

Zines, posters and gay porn


the skinhead archives

humorous look at


female sexuality


Anonymous are now ‘rickrolling’ Isis

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The best way to fight terrorism? The world’s oldest meme, apparently

Vicky Thompson trans prison

A trans woman has been found dead in a male prison

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21-year-old Vicky Thompson warned friends that she would kill herself if she wasn’t transferred