Waris Ahluwalia

Waris Ahluwalia talks racism after his turban flight ban

Arts+Culture News

We caught up with the actor after he ignited a global media storm about minority rights

Bianka Shigurova by George Nebieridze

Paying tribute to trans actress and model, Bianka Shigurova

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Earlier this month the 22-year old Georgian actress was found dead in her apartment – here her dear friend remembers her

James Franco and Kristen Stewart

James Franco and Kristen Stewart to star in JT LeRoy biopic

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The actor has signed on to the film adaptation of Girl Boy It: How I Became JT LeRoy (as if he wasn’t already busy enough)

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 15.17.51

You can stay in a replica of Van Gogh’s bedroom on Airbnb

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Probably best not to cut off your ear – unless you want to lose your security deposit

The most shocking films


based on true stories

go inside


an all female fight club

Harmony Korine_4

Talking art, cock moulds and revolvers with Harmony Korine

Arts+Culture Feature

We meet the cult director to discuss moving from film to painting, a new collaboration with Chris Cunningham and playing dominoes in brothels with Al Pacino

hoverboard porn

‘Hoverboard porn’ is now a thing that exists

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In Brazzers’ poetic new film, The Future Of Fucking, we see the full capabilities of the self-balancing segway

Chariots vauxhall

What the loss of London’s gay saunas means for us

Arts+Culture Opinion

The city’s capitalist desire to eat itself out from the inside is strangling London’s gay haunts – Chariots Shoreditch is the latest to fall victim to London’s luxurification

Slider LSD

Science shows LSD is basically a good thing

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Two new scientific studies find that LSD can make you happier – and help reduce domestic violence


Growing up a girl in a mad men’s world

Arts+Culture Profile

Kiernan Shipka knows that ‘being a teen is not gonna last forever’ – that’s why she’s making the most of it. As she graduates into cult horror, she tells us why on-screen girlhood needs to be complex

Lydia Metral

What’s it really like to be a victim of revenge porn?

Arts+Culture Feature

When old photos of Sarah were leaked online by Hunter Moore, it took hours for her life to get torn apart – so why isn't the government doing more to stop it?



venus as a boy

meet the people shaping culture


in 2016

Elizabeth Sanchez

The girl power gallery practicing what it’s preaching

Arts+Culture Lists

Photographer Ashley Armitage has launched a new, inclusive online gallery that believes the artists behind the work are just as important as the content they’re producing

Lick Your Wounds

Explore loneliness in the city with New York's rap kids

Arts+Culture Video

Despite the setbacks of an oppressive metropolis, this filmmaker is encouraging artistry within the city he loves