Fake Rape posters Emma Sulkowicz Mattress Girl
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#FakeRape posters call Columbia student ‘pretty little liar’

Twitter account @fakerape is also accusing ‘Mattress Girl’ artist Emma Sulkowicz of lying about her asault

Alexander McQueen £20
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Five British radicals who deserve to be on the new £20 note

The Bank of England is looking to splash a trailblazing artist over some cash – here's our picks

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Watch Rankin and Walter Campbell's new erotic film

‘X’ has been made in collaboration with lingerie connoisseurs Coco De Mer and ‘embodies the transgression from banality to wonder’

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Marina Abramović Institute issues apology to Jay Z

Oops, turns out that Jay actually did pay the performance artist for her help on the ‘Picasso Baby’ music video

watch Ghost-poet’s new video


‘X Marks The Spot’



Dazed deluxe, long-form

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Archiving Bangkok’s lost 1970s erotica stash

Unearth an Outsider Art goldmine of Thai adult magazines produced during one of the country’s strictist censorship periods

Liam Walpole_1
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How to go from chicken farming to the silver screen

Get to know the small-town star of The Goob, who went from plucking chickens to a lead role in this rural drama

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Oculus Rift is totally up for hosting virtual reality porn

Adult content is welcome on the platform, so we hope you're ready for the next breakthrough in your XXX viewing habits

A Girl Who Walks Home Alone at Night
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This Iranian vampire film is redefining horror

A skateboarding blood-sucker, a killer romance – Ana Lily Amirpour’s refreshing flick takes a bite out of usual horror tropes

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Britain's new £20 note will feature a visual artist

The Bank of England wants the public to nominate their favourite designer, photographer or arts icon – who gets your pick?

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Marina Abramovic says that she was ‘totally used’ by Jay Z

The performance artist says that collaborating with Hov on ‘Picasso Baby’ was a big mistake

coming of age


in russia

yo-landi visser


from hood rat to heroine

Image from Girls of Kyrgyzstan project 2011 Aza Shadenova
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Who’s at the forefront of Moscow’s art scene right now?

The talent setting Russia’s art credentials on fire with their alternative outlooks on the former Soviet state

issue 2 - HYSTERIA - A picture by Jules-Félix Le
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Glimpse the new mag reappropriating teen alienation

Get the first look at the latest issue of the Paris-based mag exploring the realms of melancholy, queer culture and female artists