Death Note

Japanese manga Death Note’s live-action remake trailer lands


The iconic horror TV series is being adapted and dropped on Netflix in August, but has already faced a similar backlash to Ghost in the Shell for whitewashing

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Trump swastika-dollar-mushroom-cloud billboard to stay up


Karen Fiorito collaborated on the billboard with Beatrice Moore, who despite backlash wants the work to remain up as long as Donald Trump is president

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Black artists protest Emmett Till painting by white artist


‘Open Casket’, on display at the 78th Whitney Biennial, has been criticised for its racial insensitivity

A poster for “Hair Manifesto”

Women come together for a week to discuss the female body


Cairo Clarke curates a series of events featuring London artists Lotte Anderson, Hannah Perry and more




the secret history


of kids

Spring breakers

Spring Breakers is being turned into a TV series


Harmony Korine’s surprise cult classic is being adapted for the small screen by some of the original producers

All This Panic, Ginger

The film that captures how epic being a teenager is


Jenny Gage’s candid documentary ‘All This Panic’ is a tribute to all teen girls who could star in their own movies

Tati Compton, courtesy of Sang Bleu

Peek inside stick-n-poke tattooist Tati Compton’s new book


Featuring 800 of her incredibly in-demand, intricate and occult-inspired designs

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Hear David Lynch talk about happiness and humanity


The legendary director speaks, alongside fellow LA locals including Cali DeWitt, Brendan Fowler, and Kyle MacLachlan, about finding love and peacefulness amongst the City of Angels in a new film

Queer tours

Remembering London’s lost queers in a 1930s gay club


Activists of all ages and generations got together to commemorate those before them taken by Aids, prison and homophobia-charged attacks


Why Get Out is the smartest horror film this decade


Spoiler alert: Unpacking the secret messages in Jordan Peele's breakout film

the history

banned ads

of banned fashion ads

Shia LaBeouf


the #interview

Still from Pussy Riot’s video ‘Chaika’

Pussy Riot give advice for women to defy Putin and Trump


Nadya Tolokonnikova of the political punk rebels detailed how she thinks the Russian leader is more powerful than the American president

Wolfgang Tillmans

People are uniting to march against Brexit this weekend


It’s been confirmed that British Prime Minister Theresa May will trigger Article 50 to start negotiations for the UK leaving Europe on 29 March