Grace Jones
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Grace Jones is releasing a book this year

The Jamaican-born model, actress and musician is putting out I'll Never Write My Memoirs in September

Cecile Emeke – Lines
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This film puts a feminist filter over some your fave lyrics

The filmmaker using some of music’s greatest hits as a starting point for reflection and conversation

Russell Crowe in Noah
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Hollywood doesn’t give people of colour many lines

Venezuelan-born actor Dylan Marron has made a video series that proves the industry may well have an issue with diversity

Jason Segel
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The best trailers of the month

From sadistic social experiments to seedy club nights and David Foster Wallace reincarnated

swarovski generation


15 years of rule breakers


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UN x Parley
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Watch Pharrell talk about how fashion can save our oceans

United Nations X Parley for the Oceans will see artists, designers and environmentalists side-by-side in the fight against climate change

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Cara Delevingne: ‘Superhero movies are totally sexist’

The model-turned-actress is set to star in Suicide Squad, but thinks the genre is seriously lacking strong female roles

Gay Marriage
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Parts of Alabama have banned marriage

Some authorities in the US are so upset that gay people can marry that they’ve gotten rid of the institution altogether

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This lost documentary is the ultimate American teen film

A Finnish teenager in the 80s sums up everything that’s messed up about high school

ISIS dildo flag
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CNN confuses dildos with Isis at London Pride

‘If you look at the flag closely, it’s clearly not Arabic.’ No, you’re right about that – it’s obviously loads of sex toys

Two guys kissing
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Same-sex marriage has been legalised across America!

The Supreme Court has ruled that marrying whoever you want will be legal absolutely everywhere in the USA



Dazed deluxe, long-form



vs lena dunham

Video City owner
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One of the last video stores in London is closing its doors

Remember renting VHS? Soaring rent prices and government cuts is forcing Video City, one of the city’s most valued independent film rentals, out of business

Urban Outfitters
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The internet is taking the piss out of Urban Outfitters

#UrbanOutfittersBeLike makes light of the corporation's relentless drive to culturally appropriate at extortionate prices