Twin Peaks 90s Danish tribute video One Eyed Jacks
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Rap along to Twin Peaks with this bizarre 90s tribute video

A Laura Palmer lookalike in hotpants, an Agent Cooper voiceover, a white guy rapping and an interpretive dance: thank you, internet gods

Climate change imagery
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The activists at the frontlines of climate change

Four months from now, the most crucial climate talks ever open in Paris. Here, global activist Naomi Klein tells us how to push for the change we need

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The director of Drive’s rare film poster obsession

For a new book, Nicolas Winding Refn is giving us a look at his insane library of vintage posters

Birthday sad picture
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Facebook just made ‘Happy Birthday’ way easier (and sadder)

Now you can just text the social network the number ‘1’ and it’ll post ‘Happy Birthday!’ on your friend’s wall

coming of age


in russia



Dazed deluxe, long-form

Cara Delevigne on Good Day Sacremento
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When will the media stop their gender-biased bullshit?

Why Cara Delevingne's treatment on an American chat show is not OK on any level

The Diary of a Teenage Girl
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Is this the most sexually confrontational teen film?

It’s been slapped with an 18 rating, but The Diary of a Teenage Girl could be the most important film for frigid teens in decades

women's room sign
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Why non-binary people and women need ‘safe spaces’

We investigate the backlash against ‘women’s rooms’ on university campuses and speak to people who insist that they’re vital

Dalston Superstore
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Hackney’s clubs are to be shut by midnight on weekends

Apparently it’s because the residents are fed up of clubbers coming in from outside the borough and pissing in their gardens

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 17.45.03
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Watch Cara Delevingne do battle with news anchors

While promoting Paper Towns, the model-turned-actress was confronted with the most ignorant line of questioning we've ever seen

when harry met sally
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Ladies: this is what porn sites say turns you on

Porn isn’t widely perceived to be for women, so maybe we need more of it that’s specific to our needs

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the summer issue

The dA–Zed guide


to British sub-culture

riot club
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Rich and stupid? You’ll probably be fine

A new study has proven what we already kind of knew – unintelligent rich kids are 35 per cent more likely to be better off than their smarter, less well-off peers

Kids_long read_header
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The behind the scenes stories from Kids you haven’t heard

Twenty years later, Larry Clark’s clarion call for fucked-up youth is still as shocking as ever. Here, the film’s cast and crew give us an annotated oral history of how it all came to be