North Korea
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Want to teach English in North Korea?

Hey, gap year travellers: the Hermit Kingdom is hiring foreign teachers

Prime Minister Erdogan
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Turkey: ‘Facebook must block pages mocking Prophet Mohammed’

The country's PM marched in Paris in support of free speech but wants to restrict it too

Jason Chestnut crazypastor
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Priests say #UseMeInstead to cops aiming at black mugshots

A US police department was caught using images of young black men for target practice

The striking locations of Jupiter Ascending
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The concept art of Jupiter Ascending

Take an exclusive first look at the otherworldly environments created for the Wachowskis epic sci-fi adventure







Samuel Hodge exhibition, Dazed
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Re-appropriating the autobiography through art

Inspired by David Wojnarowicz, Australian artist Samuel Hodge moulds his own – at times, painful – autobiography out of clay, beading and photography

Nigerian Lives Matter Boko Haram protest in London
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Nigerian Lives Matter: the anti-Boko Haram protest in London

Protesters gathered outside the Nigerian Embassy to demand justice for the victims of the terrorist group

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Mapping out the next 12 months of legal highs

Whether for good or bad, the grey market is here to stay. We trace the tricky landscape of where your next high might come from

Austin Collings
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Read two extracts from the desperate North's new narrator

The Myth Of Brilliant Summers is Austin Collings' debut collection of harrowing short stories set in the tragic end of town

Stuart Semple eBay website
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Want to buy some digital art? Just head to eBay

Internet artist Stuart Semple is selling five browser-based websites on the auction site

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Why Japan is mocking ISIS with photoshopped Twitter memes

The hashtag #ISISクソコラグランプリ has been used 75,000 times since Tuesday

coming of age


in russia



Dazed deluxe, long-form

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Dazed & Approved: Best of the Web

We select the pieces that had us hitting ‘share’ this week – from Silk Road’s matriarch, SNL sketch piss-takes, Karl Lagerfeld’s middle-American muse and a second look at Kim K’s butt

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Journalist Barrett Brown sentenced to 63 months in prison

The Anonymous-linked writer and internet activist has already been detained for over two years