Palestinian artist thrown out of Dismaland after protest

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Shadi Alzaqzouq found out his work was being exhibited alongside Israeli artists so covered his work with a sheet saying ‘RIP Gaza’

Still from "Perfect Blue"

The cult Japanese filmmaker that inspired Darren Aronofsky

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Anime maverick Satoshi Kon’s work has made its way into countless other films that have reinterpreted his unmatchable style

Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath started ‘basic bitch’

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The troubled poet might have coined the phrase decades before we all started using the insult

cara delevingne

It’s women that are leading the sexually fluid revolution

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A new study shows women are three times more likely to be bi than men and will explore their sexuality if the opportunity arises

the secret history


of kids

Zines, posters and gay porn


the skinhead archives

asifa lahore

Muslim drag queen receives vile abuse after TV show airs

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Asifa Lahore stars in a Channel 4 documentary and was the subject of threatening messages after the programme went out

Still from "Boogie Nights"

Paul Thomas Anderson’s first ever documentary is on its way

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Junun is a ‘one-of-a-kind sonic experience’ that stalks Radiohead guitartist Jonny Greenwood on a pilgrimage to India

Sad girl

Miserable in Freshers’ Week? No worries, you’re clever

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A new study makes links between lower general well-being and high intelligence in first year university students

eliza bennet

This artist is stitching her own hand with needle and thread

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London-based artist Eliza Bennett explores the stereotype of easy, ‘feminine’ work in this painstaking embroidery project


Hitachi Magic Wand vs the classics

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See the world-renowned masturbation device in the hands of some of the most famous names in art history

Claire Barrow’s works on canvas 2015

Claire Barrow turns her talent from clothes to canvas

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The London designer breaks free from the fashion schedule and presents a trilogy of her neo-primitive style paintings at a London gallery

growing up in

90s Russia

90s Russia





We went to Dismaland so you don’t have to

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A road trip to Weston-Super-Mare to check out the theme park that has captivated the world and brought Banksy back in from the cold

Please do not touch the art

A Taiwanese boy punched a hole in a 17th century painting

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It was a mistake but an expensive one – the Paolo Porpora work is worth nearly £1 million