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Grief, California style

Lauren Avery's directing debut is a bittersweet autobiographical tale of bereavement and DIY horror movies set against the Hollywood Hills

White God
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Watch a pack of rabid dogs terrorise a city

Cannes-winning Hungarian film White God is like Cujo x 1000

Body Anxiety
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Body Anxiety and a new wave of digifeminist art

The online exhibition sticking two fingers up at the art world via the body and the newest forms of media – from performance GIF art to poetry and photography

Inverto project - Deakin University
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Can science remove gender boundaries completely?

Think gender isn’t really a thing, and people should do what they want with their bodies? Science has your back




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Police officers taser UK
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UK police drew Tasers on over 400 children in one year

Don't tase me, bro – I'm only 14

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Amalia Ulman on the Insta-scam of the century

After her ‘cosmetically enhanced’ selfies hoodwinked the internet, the conceptual artist behind the Insta-scam of the century speaks out

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Shoreditch under threat from second wave of gentrification

The Mayor of Hackney wants to stop property developers from building two huge luxury high-rises

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 14.37.37
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Watch Alejandro Jodorowsky give a tarot reading

Nicolas Winding Refn seeks sage advice from the cult filmmaker for Only God Forgives. His wife, Liv Corfixen, documents the process

Jennifer Lawrence Fappening Reddit
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Reddit wages war on revenge porn with new ban

Post-Fappening, the website has moved to outlaw nude images posted without the subject's consent

Harumi Yamaguchi
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The galleries you probably didn’t know about

The underground art platforms providing sanctuary for artists and audiences hungry for something a little less predictable

coming of age


in russia

Marilyn Manson


a nose for trouble

London Is Changing
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These billboards tell the stories of London's housing crisis

‘London Is Changing’ is a public art project that asks serious questions about the future of the UK capital

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Google bans porn and sexually explicit images from Blogger

Got an old Blogspot account? It's time to scrub it