Feminist Apparel anti-harassment street signs
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Anti-catcalling street signs appear across New York

This guerrilla campaign wants to stop street harassment in its tracks

Fountain(1) Snow and Tynan
Arts+Culture Emerging Artists Award

The shortlist

Meet the finalists of the Converse x Dazed Emerging Artists Award 2015 ahead of their appearance at the Royal Academy

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Watch Amandla Stenberg's primer on cultural appropriation

Rue from the Hunger Games is here to tell you why white people wearing cornrows is never OK

Röyksopp Robyn Do It Again
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Can girls-only fests close tech’s gender gap?

As Robyn launches Tekla festival, we explore the new projects hacking coding’s gender bias

swarovski generation


15 years of rule breakers

25 years of



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Police release MDMA-buying online art bot without charge

The artists behind Random Darknet Shopper say ‘this is a great day for the bot, for us and for freedom of art!’

Director crystal moselle
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Tribeca's female gaze

The New York indie festival is presenting a more realistic representation of films helmed by women

Nigel Farage
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Ukip promises creepy-sounding ‘cultural unity’

In today's manifesto, Farage's army says it wants to ‘promote a unifying British culture’ – hang on, what is that?

Less Than 100 pay gap pop-up shop
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This pop-up charges women less to highlight the wage gap

Less Than 100 is determined to draw attention to how little women are paid compared to their male counterparts

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#ShutDownA14: police brutality protesters take over New York

Demonstrators shout: ‘Every city, every town, has its own Michael Brown’

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The complexity of costume

What’s in a red jacket? A white dress? We explore the hidden meanings in fashion on film

drone porn


is surprisingly pretty




XConfessions Vol 4
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The future of female-led porn

Feminist filmmaker Erika Lust takes us into her NSFW world of erotica where women – and you – call the shots

Jeremy Scott SS15, Dazed backstage
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Our favourite celeb-art crossovers

Jay Z plays Picasso, Miley gets crafty, James Franco has jungle fever, and Shia captures our hearts