Emma Gruner
PhotographyThese photos celebrate being naked – and that’s it
Kidd Bell
Arts+CultureThe woman turning unsolicited dick pics into art
Julia Fox’s PTSD
PhotographyFalling in love with a sadomasochistic prostitute named John
via @baroness_magazine
Arts+CultureThese sexy Instagrams will get your pulse racing
Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 08.23.07
MusicRihanna reveals NSFW teaser of new ‘Kiss It Better’ video
Lilia Li-mi-yan’s Someone Wants to Devour Me
Arts+CultureUsing the body as a tool against censorship
Ren Hang’s Athens Love
PhotographyRen Hang shoots nudes and nature in Athens
PhotographyA photo zine paying homage to homo-punk smut
Still from Peaches’ ‘Free Drink Ticket’
MusicWatch Peaches lead a gothic sex ritual in her latest video
Yulia Spiridonova
PhotographyPhotographing sensuality in post-Soviet Russia
The Babymorroco booklet
Arts+CultureThe diary of a queer Arab in a fictional Moroccan city
Benjamin Fredrickson’s Salon
PhotographyThese nudes swap explicit for emotional intimacy
Jacques magazine
PhotographyThe all-female led mag challenging porn’s boys’ club
Ashley Armitage bodies
PhotographyLiberating our ‘imperfect’ bodies through photography
rub peaches
MusicThis is Peaches’ most fucked up video to date
XConfessions vol.5, 2015
Arts+CultureWhy you should watch porn through the female gaze
vagina emoji
Arts+CultureAll hail the vagina emoji
Julia Fox’s Symptomatic of a relationship gone sour
Arts+CultureThis artist’s book details the brutality of toxic love
Mark Wahlberg in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights (1997)
Arts+CultureIs there such a thing as ‘good’ porn?
Sophie Ebrard’s “It’s Just Love”
PhotographyThese images show the in-between moments of porn
All I Ever Wanted © Hester Scheurwater editions Bessard
PhotographyCan women regain power through the self-portrait?
Erik van der Weijde, from Dazed’s June 2013 issue
PhotographyExploring what goes on behind closed doors
Pornceptual, issue 1
PhotographyThis new mag is reinterpreting the meaning of porn
Sasha Kurmaz's Concrete & Sex
PhotographyNudes collide with brutalist buildings in Kiev