Eric Glasser
NewsHundreds of protesters rally against Richard Spencer
Russia graphic 2
FeatureMeeting Russia’s new generation of teenage activists
NewsRussian artist Petr Pavlensky sets fire to Paris bank
sister supporter
FeatureThe fight against anti-abortion protesters harassing women
Abortion rights
NewsA Satanist is claiming abortion laws violate her religion
Neo Nazis image with courtesy_1507428194316_430212
NewsSupremacists went back to Charlottesville this weekend
theresa may
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March for choice
FeatureThousands march to end Ireland’s archaic abortion laws
Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 17.16.39
Satellite VoicesSpanish police fire rubber bullets at Catalan teenagers
cut the rent
NewsGoldsmiths uni has set debt collectors on student protestors
jacob rees mogg
NewsAnti-abortion politician admits profiting off abortion pills
NewsPolice are violently turning on citizens in Spain
Barack Obama
NewsMichelle and Barack Obama are offering artists fellowships
FeatureThe Spectacular Empire – a future imagined by GAIKA
NewsLGBT people are being detained and beaten in Azerbaijan
LGBT for Trump
NewsTrump admin fights for employers’ right to fire gay workers
Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 13.01.01
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Chelsea Manning
NewsHarvard revokes Chelsea Manning’s visiting fellowship
FeatureWhat the end of DACA could mean for my family
martin shkreli
NewsMartin Shkreli is going to jail over Hillary Clinton’s hair
Ted Cruz
News‘Anti-masturbation’ politician caught liking porn on Twitter
Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 15.00.47
NewsPotential Tory leader opposes gay marriage & abortion rights
OpinionOxford head wants gay students to debate homophobic teachers
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