Speak Easy by Sarai Mari
PhotographyAn erotically charged series of male and female nudes
Alex Webb, Slant Rhymes, Magnum Photos, USA
PhotographyMagnum’s Alex Webb on the power of photography
Jim Jocoy, Order of Appearance
PhotographyChaotic photos of San Francisco’s punk explosion
Zach Hill
MusicWhat does the world sound like to its greatest drummers?
Tino Razo’s Party In The Back exclusive
PhotographyStriking photographs of skaters and California’s empty pools
1 Ren Hang, Taschen, 2017, Dazed
PhotographySee the photos that got Ren Hang arrested
PhotographyThis photo book captures the beauty of impermanence
Philipp Ebeling’s London Ends
PhotographyPhotographing the London that you’re less likely to see
Arts+CultureHonouring the power of the Black Panther movement
Florian Hetz’s The Matter of Abscence
PhotographyPhotos that explore the male body as a sex object
Boogie, It’s All Good
PhotographyUnflinching photos of Brooklyn’s gangsters and addicts
Streetwise: Tiny Revisited
Arts+CultureThe best book/zine stores in New York
Nicolas Gavino
PhotographyTrip through a dark, sentimental French photo diary
Eli Reed _ Magnum Photos
PhotographyHow to get your hands on photo history for $100
ICA_The_Palace_4_© Alasdair McLellan
PhotographyAlasdair McLellan and Palace team up for a photo exhibition
P.59 ©Zackary Drucker & Rhys Ernst
PhotographyThe photo diary of a trans couple transitioning together
On A Good Day
PhotographyPhotos of street cast models from 70s NYC and London
Chris Killip's In Flagrante II
PhotographyPhotos of a desolate northern England in the 1980s
Before Frank Images 9 by Charles Moriarty
PhotographyUnseen photos of a young Amy Winehouse to be published
Michele Sibiloni’s Fuck It
PhotographyThe most evocative photo stories of the month
Courtesy José Pedro Cortes
PhotographyCapturing connections between people, places and objects
Julian Klincewicz's ЖУРНАЛ
PhotographyExclusive photos of Gosha Rubchinskiy’s Russian skate gang
 UNLOCKED book by ATOPOS cvc
PhotographyIs this what your body looks like?
Failed It!, Erik Kessels
PhotographyThe art book that actually encourages you to fail