Arts+CultureIs this really the most racist advert ever?
erotic fruit eating
Arts+CultureErotic fruit-eating live streams have been banned in China
PhotographyHow does it feel if you’re unable to fit in?
Arts+CultureChina compares homosexuality to incest, bans it from TV
Arts+CultureBritish ravers have been arrested by the Chinese police
Arts+CultureChinese teenagers are sticking pens under their breasts
MusicFollowing PC Music to Beijing on its global domination trip
Arts+CultureTalking business mergers with horny guys on Grindr
grindr painting
Arts+CultureGrindr has been bought by a Beijing gaming company
PhotographyCapturing a night out in Shanghai
laptop forever alone
Arts+CultureGirl, presumed dead for years, was chilling at internet cafe
china smog pollution
Arts+CultureSmog in China is 50 times thicker than World Health maximums
Arts+CultureActress gets face examined to prove she’s had no surgery
Ai Weiwei
Arts+CultureAi Weiwei is writing a memoir
(e) Cary Kwok (2006) - Barber
Arts+CultureThis guy wants your hair to be the pubes on his biro dicks
Zhang Huan, Foam 1998
Arts+CultureThe radical Chinese artists challenging the status quo
plastic food clips
FashionWTF? Plastic food the latest hair fashion craze in China
Hong Kong boobs protest photo
Arts+CultureHong Kong uses bras to protest police violence
Ai Weiwei
Arts+CultureAi Weiwei has been granted a six month UK visa
ai weiwei
Arts+CultureAi Weiwei has been denied a six month British visa
Chinese internet users in a cafe
Arts+CultureChina has legalised video games after a 15-year ban
Ai Weiwei and his passport
Arts+CultureAi Weiwei gets his passport back after four years
Pixy Yijun Liao, Experimental Relationship
PhotographyWhat happens when men and women switch roles?
Until Death Do Us Part, Thomas Sauvin 38 - A-1017 - 25
PhotographySmoking bongs on your wedding day