LGBT for Trump
PoliticsFuck Trump, fuck militarisation, protect trans people
Barry Jenkins
Film & TVMoonlight’s Barry Jenkins to adapt James Baldwin novel
PoliticsThe KKK in today’s America – a rally and the resistance
Ava Duvernay
Arts+CultureAva DuVernay is creating a Central Park Five miniseries
cnn trump wrestling
Life & CultureWrestlemania, Trump and Reddit memes – a new age of weird
Arts+CultureThis NRA commercial advertising guns is insane
Martin Shkreli
PoliticsPeople hate Martin Shkreli so much his trial has no jury yet
Damien Hirst
PoliticsI worked for Trump’s HIV Advisory Council: here’s why I quit
Japanese print
Arts+CultureYou can now download 2,500 Japanese woodblock prints online
Gordon Parks’ I Am You
Art & PhotographyHow Gordon Parks broke new ground for Black American artists
Arts+CultureTexas passes insane ‘foetal funeral’ abortion bill
Brandon Vezmar
Arts+CultureMeeting that guy who sued his date for $17.31
Protect Trans Kids
Arts+CultureTexas quietly passes anti-transgender ‘Bathroom Bill’
Arts+CultureBasquiat painting sells for record-breaking $110.5 million
Arts+CultureGay Chechens fleeing abuse are being denied U.S visas
Matt Martin’s American Xerography
PhotographyPhotocopying the American Dream
sean spicer in the bushes
Arts+CultureIn darkness, Sean Spicer hides in bushes at the White House
Abortion access
Arts+CultureU.S politician: women get abortions for ‘free trips’
code pink
Arts+CultureProtester facing jail for laughing at US politician
Abortion rights
Arts+CultureThe website helping U.S women perform their own abortions
Niall O’Brien: Porn Hurts Everyone
PhotographyThis new photo book gets under America’s skin
lemonade cover
MusicWomen: Beyoncé wants to pay for you to go to college
MusicLana Del Rey writes new song on way back from Coachella
Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 14.32.33
Arts+Culture13 Reasons Why is nearly a perfect teen TV show