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Your fav meme account @poundlandbandit announces art show

The Instagram account famous for its savage starter packs moves from the white square to the white cube

Everyone’s fav meme-maker @poundlandbandit regularly provides over 100k followers with full-blown hilarity, poking fun at nearly everything and everyone in London with memes and its famous starter packs. Now, it’s taking its greatness off of the white square and into the white cube, with the announcement of an exhibition to be held at London Camden Assembly on May 25.

The South London-based genius behind the account remains anonymous, known only by their moniker 40ounce, and seemingly gets their inspiration from the best and the worst of fashion trends, subcultural archetypes, and nights out.

Last month, the meme king interviewed musician and fellow internet sensation Jimothy Lacoste for Dazed – both fans of one another, having grown up in the same scene – where @poundlandbandit posed a series of hypothetical situations to his mate.

Hosted by Litcoin, the top floor of the space will be taken over by @poundlandbandit, with canvases available for purchase on the day. On the first two floors of the building, the tunes will be brought by special guests who are still tba.

Limited tickets are available, with entry at £5. Head to the exhibition’s Facebook page for further information