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Cat Person

The writer of the viral story Cat Person is making a horror movie

We needed more from Kristen Roupenian – luckily she now has a lot of projects on the go

We all remember the deeply troubling Cat Person tale: girl meets boy, boy likes girl, girl has horrible sex with boy, boy becomes symbol of disgust. For many it was eerily relatable, for others it was a fatphobic rant.

Either way the deeply uncomfortable short-fiction piece published in The New Yorker garnered massive amounts of attention online and seems to have caught the eye of the independent entertainment company, A24.

More commonly known as the entity that gave us Moonlight, Lady Bird, Supersonic, American Honey, and Amy, the executives have acquired a horror script currently titled Bodies, Bodies, Bodies from the author Kristen Roupenian. Roupenian has also already been offered two book deals despite being relatively unknown before her New Yorker debut.

According to The Hollywood Reporter: “Executives at A24 were familiar with the short story, and when they heard the author had separately written a script, they became intrigued and tracked it down. What the execs found was a shrewd character study where mystery and deep-seated scares blended in such a way that the company saw an opportunity to make a horror movie that could also be culturally relevant. The plan is to fast-track the script to production.”

With Get Out’s recent Oscar wins there’s a fair bit of appetite for culturally relevant horror and having published the most talked about short story of the year there’s certainly an appetite for Roupenian’s work. We can’t wait to watch.