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Women kissing artwork

A student’s artwork featuring women kissing was censored by her school

Megan Angus has called the decision ‘homophobic’

A school in North Yorkshire has apologised for censoring a student’s GCSE artwork because it depicted women kissing. Megan Angus, 16, returned to collect her artwork to find that it was covered in seven “censored” stickers. Angus’s work depicted women kissing and holding hands in front of the rainbow flag, and speaking to Dazed, she says that she “did the artwork to show that same sex relationships are normal and shouldn’t be considered out of place in society”.

When Angus spoke to the school about her decision, she says that their excuse was “it is stuck down with Blu Tac – which it is not – and they did not want to upset younger students”. She says that the school has apologised publicly, but not directly to her, and that she believes the move was “very homophobic”.

Speaking to Gazette Live, Angus said that she created the piece because “we had to do an outsider piece and had five options. I did same-sex relationships as they seem to be out of place in society. I wanted to get across that it shouldn’t be frowned upon and it shows girls can be together. It is something I feel passionate about.” additionally, the school reportedly refused to display the piece in its art room.

A spokesperson for the school described the piece as “sexually explicit” and said that they had to be mindful of the “impact” this may have on younger students.

They added, “in no way was she discouraged from producing work of this nature and her artistic talents were celebrated by our art department. Laurence Jackson School is in no way homophobic; sexually explicit images of any nature would have been censored if displayed.” they did however apologise and admit that they were “overzealous” in their censorship. Considering Angus chose her subject matter to show how unacceptable same-sex relationships are in society, it’s ironic – and absolutely mad – that the school censored her piece so heavily.