A teacher got fired for showing nude paintings in...an art class

One parent even called the police, claiming that the teacher was exposing the children to “pornography”

We’ve covered this before, naturally, but a lot of art is about nudity. Artists throughout time have been obsessed with depicting our naked bodies, and fair enough. They look cool and life is also mostly about nudity. We’re born naked, we’re meant to be naked, we only wear clothes ever out of coldness and shame and convenience. We are told from birth that our nudity is shameful and bad and that we should hide and protect it at all costs, leading to complexes and weirdness all round for everyone.

Keen to continue the message that “all nudity is shameful and/or pornography”, a school in Utah has fired a fifth-grade teacher for showing his students postcards of famous works of art, some of which depict nudes (because, as mentioned, a lot of art is nudes). The teacher, Mateo Rueda, told Fox 13 that he had found the postcards in the school library and wanted to use them to teach a lesson about colour theory, but didn’t consider that some of them might be rude. When kids had a little giggle at the boobies and whatnot, Rueda told them that they could hand any that made them uncomfortable back to him.

Which all sounds quite reasonable and normal, but most parents are not chill, and when the one of them found out about the “incident”, they called the police and reported the teacher for exposing their dear children to “pornography”. The line between arty nudity and pornography is blurry, and maybe arbitrary, but Rueda wasn’t showing his students 2017 sex positive fetish photography. It isn’t actually harmful for kids to see some straight up nudity, but it is harmful for them to grow up thinking their bodies are something to be ashamed of. Add that to the fact that the postcards belonged to the school and he didn’t even mean to show their impressionable lil minds nudes in the first place, and it’s pretty mad that in 2018 someone can be fired for showing some art.

Rueda is appealing his termination, and the school haven’t given a proper reason why he was fired in the first place.