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The Subculture Archives
Photography Gavin Watson

Pop up celebrating UK’s countercultural legacy opens

London’s Carnaby Street plays host to YOUTH CLUB’s concept store, with ephemera and photos from Gavin Watson and Molly Macindoe, amongst others, on sale

In the wake of the General Election last week, who better to throw a backlash party than those hell-bent on preserving, documenting and celebrating the UK’s penchant for pushing back against a system. Welcome, not-for-profit organisation YOUTH CLUB

Launching at 6pm tonight on London’s Carnaby Street, the concept store entitled The Subculture Archives will house a collection of iconic counterculture prints, books and independent artist and designer wares. Events such as book signings, talks, day raves, and debates are also set to take place during its time there.

With an archive full of important and powerful work from photographers such as Gavin Watson, Molly Macindoe, Dave Swindells and Adam Friedman, shooting everything from British sound system parties in the 80s to punks and skinhead culture and 90s raves, YOUTH CLUB has all causes covered.

Previously YOUTH CLUB has hosted projects including a series of talks at London’s Doomed Gallery and has successfully crowd-funded a subculture diary full of important dates relating to British subcultural history and, of course, images from its archive.

More details here